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J*E*T*S* Jets,Jets,Jets

Monday, December 31st, 2007

The definition of a moral victory…..Out New York Jets football team won a football game yesterday,,13- 10 in overtime.  Wow, now their final record improves to 4-12…. good enough to drop possibly 3 or 4 spots in the upcommning draft of college players..Moral victory,,,perhaps, loss of a potential better athlete due to lower draft position, probably…

As a former athlete, I understand the need to compete,  and winning is manna to a true athlete,  but as a fan…loose the damn game, get a higher draft choice and actually win next season,,,,, Football for the Jets this  season  is OVER.

Eli’s coming

Monday, December 31st, 2007

Hello New  York Giants football fans. 

Season ticket holders,  feeling a little foolish selling off  your tickets for what turned out to be one of the more fun, Giants games in years?  Watching it unfold on T V ,  was really exciting, and captivating. Are they finally becoming the “real deal?”  At long last,  Is Eli finally becoming  a  real, genuine Manning quarterback? When he was drafted we rejoiced…..but our joy has been tempered over the years, by  too many weak games, and displays of poor football judgment.

Guess what…New England isn’t laughing… They’re counting their blessings, escaping alive…. Not  looking forward to a rematch in the near future, I’m sure…They can hope that someone else knocks off the Giants , and avoids that possibility.

Winter zoo

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

During the Christmas holiday weekend, a Siberian tiger, living at the San Francisco Zoo, finally got tired of the stupid comments directed at it by the flabby and unwashed humans who came to gawk and deride her majesty and regal bearing.Three  thoughtless, immature, destructive teenagers, apparently thought it would be great sport to tease a tiger.  Oh really!!!!  Bright idea,  could get you hurt or worse…I know just the tiger  you shoul tease.

How about this  tiger,she is the same tiger who lost her temper last year and attacked her keeper. The keeper lived, her  arm  was severely mauled, by  the big  Cat

Just goes to show, a tiger is more than just a big kitty, and the proud and the wild should be treated with cautious respect.

The tiger was put down . Perhaps some day in the future, when this noble animal is driven into extinction by encroaching humanity,some soulful lamenter will look at a dusty internet file and find a picture of this fallen beast, and humanity will shed a collective teer of regret for that which  is gone forever. 

Three very very foolish  young men doing an extremely dumb thing.  Now we have a dead foolish Hero, two foolish , injured, and probably traumatized for life,  brothers, and a magnificent , endangered species, one tragic and useless step closer to extinction.

Talk about tragic waste. 

Common Sense, does not take great intellect, or a high I Q. Anyone who chooses to stop and” just think”, before you act, is practicing common sense. Teasing an animal at the zoo: Making faces at the monkeys, or talking to the parrots,  not so terrible. Teasing a 350 pound 4 year old Tiger , to the point where she was motivated to make an almost impossible leap to get at her tormentors……NOT TOO SMART…  no common sense.  Think about it…..If they had,  they never would have…..and several senseless tragedies would have been avoided

Proud and thankful

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

Being able to elevate , educate, and  facilitate the dispersal of knowledge, doing the work of THE BOSS ,  in a manner vastly multiplied for the edification of the entire world, is a beautiful , powerful, tool for good…. or evil…

Yes, there are many , many more minions of evil, ( some times I feel like we are outnumbered 1000’s to 1).

Add to this imbalance, the fact that a neutral stance, is in effect a vote for the “Dark Side”, and  the urgency  and need for the “Good Guys” to be smarter( we are) more dedicated( we should be,  the Boss,is our Beacon of Light) and stronger and more motivated( sadly we are mostly still asleep, and do not realize the scope of this cosmic, eternal  battle which is coming to a fulcrum point at this junction in time and space.)

Tatta ta ra tata, the trumpet blows, the rams horn is signaling the call for the Good to marshall their consciousness.  Evil is getting stronger and becoming more aggressive.

Hello world

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

Hello,  hello,   we can communicate, and find our strengths and allies through the miracle of the internet,  The Bad Guys are using the net for bad deeds rip offs, plans for making bad things,  stealing, hurting children, preying on the weak and helpless,   Lets find each other for Good,  Nice,  Happy, Safe, Strength, Light, and elevation of our race of Good Guys.

Stop in and say hello, I have much positive to share

the first of many

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

Thought is a very transient view of immortality, good thing Humanity as a collective doesn’t do too much thinking,  Maybe opaque and dumb is safer .. 

Happy Chanukah and Merry Chrismas!

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

Happy Chanukah and Merry Chrismas from
Joey and Andrew