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So the Clinton Trump Card Has Been Played

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

I always knew that It would somehow show up to save their day.

The “ace in the hole ” of  having the Reverend Wright  as a $urprise member of your team, is the ultimate “dirty tricks” coup.

Who could ever have guessed that Senator Obama’s Pastor would be the strike that derails the Dream Train.

There are  obviously some very interesting sub plots that bring this highly unusual…and tedious…political season to this juncture. I have a pretty good guess what is going on, but it is still a guess.

What ever is going on, it stinks…

How could he turn on his congregant/ friend. Why is he sabotaging a winning campaign?What could be worth this betrayal? 

Oil at 200/ barrell an Obscenety

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

consumer confidence???

Friday, April 25th, 2008

They released a report this morning that consumer confidence is at a 26 year low.

Really. The American consumer doesn’t feel confident in our economic health in the Spring of 2008? What a surprise.

The dollar is falling. Oil is on its way to the moon( I just paid 3.97 / gallon for gas this morning in Long Beach,NY. Food prices are higher and moving ever higher.  The first reports of hoarding rice and wheat were announced earlier this week.  We lost 80000 jobs in March( I’d still like to know who lost those jobs,,We want them back.)

Whats to not feel confident about.  The world feels rosey to me.. I’m sure that one of our brilliant Presidential candidates is ready with a strong plan to get us back on track, so everything will be great(excuse me while I gag on my words)

Lowest sentiment in 26 years.Interesting, 1981/1982.. The end of the Jimmy Carter fiasco. Wasn’t inflation in double digits,  Didn’t we have  Stagflation as an economic reality. A stagnant  economy and a strong inflation pushing up prices…Yep sounds familiar…

Welcome to the world of economic Stagflation  .A legacy of Jimmy( The looser) Carter, and George Bush.  2 leaders who fiddled while Rome burned,(or was that Nero)

Food, Expensive and scarce

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

There is a strange phenomenon occurring world wide.

As we well know, the price of oil has exploded to obscene levels as third world Potentates have realized windfall profits at our expense.

As commodities worldwide increase in price, partly due to unscrupulious speculators,

we are finding the price of food staples is increasing at an alarming rate, throwing millions of people in jeopardy of not being able to afford to eat.

I keep hearing that we must become charitable and provide free  of subsidized food for the world.

Hold on!!!

I believe in charity, and don’t want anyone to starve, but did I run up the prices of commodities. Did I tell all these wealthy  slimebags with their obscene riches  from oil profits , to pocket the money. To let their people starve.

How about they spend some of this new found wealth on food for their people instead of on self indulgence.  Why should we give our food away, while they live like gods on our dependency for oil.

Their people are dependent on food. If  they don’t get food there will be food riots. Sounds like a good idea to spend their money on food..

Turn around is fair play

The middleclass is slipping into oblivion

Jimmy Carter, Evil or just plain dumb

Monday, April 21st, 2008

A man looking for a reason to exist.  He came out of nowhere to win an election, succeeded in embarassing all of us as an inept president, and now spends his time  thinking up ways to spread the one dimensional and very transparent tripe which is his mission of change.

Pathetic, thy name is Carter.

Jimmy Carter, you embarass U.S. All

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Jimmy Carter is a very sad mistake.

He was an incompetent bungler who may go down in history as the worst President ever,

He got helped get  rid of the Sha, and helped install Khomenni as head of Iran, in effect dooming the beautiful Persian people to the scurge of Muslim opression.

He now travels the World giving encouragement to terrorist groups, lending credibility to their nefarious activities.

I think the Carters are better suited to indulge the red neck trailer trash actions of brother Billy( Taking  a leak in public) , then trying to foster internation relations.

I shudder at the thought of this third rate politician representing my Beloved Country on the  international stage.

Perhaps instead of a wreath at the grave of that disgusting pig of a butcher,Arrafat, he should have brought his brother along to help water the parched earth.It would have been a fitting tribute for all of them.

Absolut Vodka, Absolutely Not

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

I just read an article that Absolut Vodka has launched a Mexico campaign stating “In an Absolut World” Then shows a map of the USA with almost 1/3 of the map belonging to Mexico,  including Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California etc.


I gave up Absolut Vodka years ago , realizing that the only good thing about Absolut Vodka is its name, The taste is harsh, Fleishmans or Gordens has a smoother taste at 1/2 the price.

NO MORE ABSOLUT  VODKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I am elected President of the United States, I will raise the tariff on Absolut Vodka, and send all outstanding cases of Absolut Vodka to our local Citgo Stations, so the Vodka can be sent to our good friend Chavez in Venezuela.

Give Venezuela to the Mexicans along with the Absolut Vodka.

Charlie Champion for write in candidate for President of the United States

That Redsox Jersey was a decoy

Monday, April 14th, 2008

I heard from a very unreliable gossip monger, that the shirt Gino dropped into the concrete at Yankee stadium a few weeks ago was a decoy.

 He released the photo’s to throw off track,  the Yankee loving hard hats who blew the whistle on the jersey curse .They saw him bury a Jersey. He made sure that they would look for the wrong jersey.

The Ortiz Jersey they dug up was a little league Junior Red Sox Jersey belonging to 11 year old Angel Ortiz, a shortstop for the Andover Sawx.

The Real Ortiz Red Sox Curse jersey is still safely burried……at the new Yankee Stadium

Charlie Champion for President

A write in Candidate

Just an ObservationIV

Monday, April 14th, 2008

      I bought a new dishwasher for my home. It was delivered and installed last Thursday.

      Normally I just throw the directions for new stuff,  into the junk drawer  This time I idly flipped through the book before tossing it.

     A word, possibly energy saver, caught my  attention , and I stopped and read the line.

     It’s very interesting. I learned a new tip for saving a little money. It was news to me, although you may know it already from reading your own directions.

     There it was in black and white…Before running the dishwasher, run the hot water in the kitchen sink.

     This will save enery by not having to heat cold water with your washer. Starting with already hot water from your boiler will result in substantial savings on your electric bill.

     Who knew?

Hey Politicians How about some honesty

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

What do we have to do to find some leaders who will be straight with us. 

We are in trouble. It’s been coming for a long time. They have let it inch up on us, disguised behind various economic “bubbles” to keep us fat, happy and most of all distracted..