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Attention: The Demographics of the Political Landscape will change this Winter

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

     The Demographics of the Republican and Democratic Parties is about to change.

     The “Great ” social and political “Scrambler” is called Winter. Old Man Winter if you wish.

I Think There is More to Come.Be Prepared!

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

I THINK THERE IS MORE TO COMEI think there is more to come, and it will be more invasive and last longer that we have come to


This “recession” that we are in has hit us sort of sneaky fast, and .There is a quality of life

issue which is being inpacted to a much broarder venue that anything we have experienced, since

possibly the gas shortage and long  lines at the pump in the 70’s.

People are being forced to make fairly basic spending decisions.

 The bite which food and gasoline is taking out of the American budget, is significant and getting worse.

In past economic slow downs, everyone would grumble, the poor would get a little poorer,and

most of the people would give back some of their gains from the just ending “bubble”. . Everyone

else would ” talk the talk ” but the damage was mostly on paper. Most would grumble and

continue their lives..

Americans have been largely immune to any significant life changes due to recent past recessions.No “walk the walk” has been necessary.

This time it’s different…Our standard of living is being altered…Permanently.

We are being conditioned to accept a lower , more”Third World” type of life style.

.Gas will never fall below 4.00 / gal, the obscene cost of food will never be cheaper than today

. Our power is being sucked out of our collective veins by the most amazing collection of vermin,

who are mostly vowed to destroy us.

A few weeks ago, in an intervied on German TV, Warren Buffett stated that the current

recession was going o be longer and deeper than previously thought.

He’s much better qualified to give this type of prediction, than I am .

I can only pray that he and I are both wrong.

But I don’t think so.

I’ll tell you the serious problems ( At least 2 big ones) that I see on their way to smash us

. …But you’ll have to come back tomorrow., no long boreing articles for you to tune out!!!!


A Second Larger Tidal Wave of Financial Disaster is on it’s Way

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

A Second larger Tidal Wave of Financial Disaster is on its wayby

                                       Kief Lewis

                           Campaign spokesman   for the              Charlie Champion for President Campaign

                               The sub prime fiasco:

Has precipitated a drastic fall in real estate values.

A dramatic rise in foreclosures.

Billions of dollars in write offs by financial institutions.

Has contributed to the free fall of the dollars value.

Has exposed fatal flaws in both the lending and the insurance industries.

Has exposed flaws in the SEC regulations,monitoring Wall Street lending policies.Especially

concerning margin loans for the purchase of stocks and even worse the low equity required for

trading commodity contracts.

Has exposed a serious lack of regulations concerning the commodities trading exchanges,

which were never intended to become speculative casinos.

Trading commodity futures was intended to be a marketplace for related industries to hedge

and lock in the price of necessary raw materials. Todays traders have no intention of taking

delivery of a barrel of oil, or a 100 bushels of corn..

This subprime fiasco has pushed us right into the early stages of a recession..

The Recession will really be felt this Winter

Friday, June 27th, 2008

The majority of the American public are walking wounded. The sad part is  we are all so numb, that we don’t realize how badly we are hurting.

The the speed and vitriol of this economic slowdown has occured  with such intensity that we have been concentrating of survival. We are reacting to what is being thrown at us, with no opportunity to stop and evaluate the longer term implications of this mess.

Of course the  experts are shouting their visions, but the average American is just trying to survive in a world where all the rules have changed.

Oil at 140 + / barrel, $5 gas, heading towards $6, all commodities are getting more expensive and becoming scarce.

With flooding in the American Mid West, the spectre of runaway food prices and resulting scarcity, points to World Wide shortages and possible food riots, as underdeveloped poor nations run out of money to feed their people.

The next big pain for Americans will come this winter . With the cost of heating oil surely above $5, it will cost between $ 1200- 2500, to fill our tanks.

We will be forced to make drastic choices. Food or warmth. As Obama has told us, get in step with the rest of the World, and lower our thermostats. Buy more sweaters.

Perhaps he would like us to start burning our furniture to stay warm. We could always take cold showers to save fuel. Come to think of it maybe we could take showers together.

Save fuel, shower with a loved one. Now thats an idea I could live with. Maybe the only silver lining in this whole mess.

Things feel like they are going from bad to worse

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

I was taught as a child, ” If you can’t say something nice about someone or something, then don’t say anything”.

I have been intentionally quiet about the state of our economy and the health of our Nation, because I don’t have anything  good to say.

The economy is in trouble.They say that we are not in a Recession. They point to inflation under 4% adjusted, annually but take out increases in fuel and food.

Consumer confidence is at a 40 year low. Understandably so.

I’ve Been Losing My Hair

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

I’ve been losing my hair

And I don’t know where.

It’s a puzzle to me

Don’t you see

If anyone finds it

If you please

Won’t you return my lost hair

To me

America wakes up to the need for alternate fuels

Friday, June 20th, 2008

The rules of economics are changing.

For the past 100 years, we have grown depend upon cheap energy as our Divine right.

Our society is built upon living in the suburbs, driving big macho automobiles, keeping as warm in Winter and as cool in Summer as we please..thank you very much. At the same time we could afford to take up every Liberal environmental cause, genuine or crack pot, with out very many delitorious results.

This has all changed. At 5.00 / gallon, gas is becoming a painful reality to the American public.

The prospect of filling a 300 or 500 gallon home heating tank several times next winter is a daunting task for many households.

These new economic realities have changed the dynamics of our beliefs. Off shore drilling is now appearing much more attractive. Oil spills have been negligible at best, and the new technologies make safe drilling a reality, that even the terrible hurricanes that hit Texas, Louisianna ,and Alabama in recent years has been completely free of any oil spills.

This rapid unprecedented run up in energy costs has hit us like a 2 ton gorilla, the equivalent of a sneak attack by foreign powers.

Everything is being examined, and suddenly sounding more attractive, including off shore drilling, drilling in Alaska, extracting oil from the huge oil shale deposits in the North West, nuclear power, solar power, and wind power. The rush for new technology is opening up a major new scientific expansion. At these prices,anything is fair game.

The Democratic and Liberal agenda, is once again tied to reactonary small minded policies.

Global Warming, the fictitious, fabricated,” boogey man” of the Liberal pindits, is a poor reason for Americans to have to stock up on sweaters and long johns in order to avoid freezing this winter.

Our enemies have overplayed their cards. They should have fought this spike in energy prices as much as we do. It is a call to arms for the American public, and We don’t like to be pushed around.

Be Careful! We Might Just Push Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The disaster continues

Friday, June 20th, 2008

The economic disaster is now being multiplied by the terrible flooding going on in the Mid-West.

The dollar continues to weaken, the cost of all transportation is steadily rising, the cost of food was high because of high commodity prices,and the transportation to get the food to market.

Now Mother Nature is piling on with all of Her Fury. The flooding in the Mid West  is destroying significant acerage and preventing the planting of new crops.

The food futures are about to spike. What this will do to prices World Wide is sure to wreak economic havoc and starvation around the world.

These are not good times for the general population of the World.

The world polulation is at 7 billion people. An ever growing number , which is now  adding 1 billion new people every 13 years.

New mouths to feed, and less more expensive food for them to eat. A very dangerous scenario.

Get Used to the new, lower standard of living

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

The spin doctors, pundits, and gnomes of the World are already beginning to put a rosey gloss

on the state of our economy.” Be happy, don’t worry,” comes to mind as a mantra of misery. In effect, they want us to get used to this new World Order.

America doesn’t matter anymore. Get accustomed to a lower standard of living. Expensive food and power are a fact of life. Get used to driving small tinny fuel efficient cars. If you can’t afford the gas take a bus.

In the Winter get used to being a little chilly, in the Summer sweat a little bit. After all, the rest of the World puts up with doing without.Shower less frequently, eat less , live our lives in step with the wishes of the Bosses of the New World Order. After all, this is a one world economy and everyone is equal, as long as We don’t mind being brought to a much lower World standard.


The Cost of Energy, Who’s Right?

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

With Oil approaching 135.00 / barrel, we are rushing to the gas pumps to pay tribute to our enemies.  They are laughing at us while planning our demise, and we’re funding the attack.

Are we CRAZY?

We have alternate options.

The United States owns 3 Trillion( TRILLION) barrels of oil in our reserves. This inventory lies off shore on the Continental Shelf, in Alaska, and  vast deposits of oil shale , which we are now technologically able to extract .

True there are environmental questions concerning all the above options, but careful planning and new technology enables us to minimize the dangers of contamination .

The economic impact would be truly dramatic. Tens of thousands of new jobs would be created , most of them skilled.

Oil futures contracts, some of which trade 10 years in advance, would be forced to contend with huge new production coming on line in 5 or 6 years. The results would be a lowering of Oil and Gas pricing.

As we produced our own oil, the payments flowing overseas would dry up. Our enemies would be forced to go back to living in the desert, rideing their camels,and worrying about water not bombs and terror plans.

Sounds like a fair trade off to me.

Protect the environment of course, but people first!!! 

And of course while we buy ourselves 30 or 40 years of independence from foreign blackmail, we must use the profits to create alternate sources of energy.It will save the planet and our sanity,