Get Used to the new, lower standard of living

The spin doctors, pundits, and gnomes of the World are already beginning to put a rosey gloss

on the state of our economy.” Be happy, don’t worry,” comes to mind as a mantra of misery. In effect, they want us to get used to this new World Order.

America doesn’t matter anymore. Get accustomed to a lower standard of living. Expensive food and power are a fact of life. Get used to driving small tinny fuel efficient cars. If you can’t afford the gas take a bus.

In the Winter get used to being a little chilly, in the Summer sweat a little bit. After all, the rest of the World puts up with doing without.Shower less frequently, eat less , live our lives in step with the wishes of the Bosses of the New World Order. After all, this is a one world economy and everyone is equal, as long as We don’t mind being brought to a much lower World standard.


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