I Think There is More to Come.Be Prepared!

I THINK THERE IS MORE TO COMEI think there is more to come, and it will be more invasive and last longer that we have come to


This “recession” that we are in has hit us sort of sneaky fast, and .There is a quality of life

issue which is being inpacted to a much broarder venue that anything we have experienced, since

possibly the gas shortage and long  lines at the pump in the 70’s.

People are being forced to make fairly basic spending decisions.

 The bite which food and gasoline is taking out of the American budget, is significant and getting worse.

In past economic slow downs, everyone would grumble, the poor would get a little poorer,and

most of the people would give back some of their gains from the just ending “bubble”. . Everyone

else would ” talk the talk ” but the damage was mostly on paper. Most would grumble and

continue their lives..

Americans have been largely immune to any significant life changes due to recent past recessions.No “walk the walk” has been necessary.

This time it’s different…Our standard of living is being altered…Permanently.

We are being conditioned to accept a lower , more”Third World” type of life style.

.Gas will never fall below 4.00 / gal, the obscene cost of food will never be cheaper than today

. Our power is being sucked out of our collective veins by the most amazing collection of vermin,

who are mostly vowed to destroy us.

A few weeks ago, in an intervied on German TV, Warren Buffett stated that the current

recession was going o be longer and deeper than previously thought.

He’s much better qualified to give this type of prediction, than I am .

I can only pray that he and I are both wrong.

But I don’t think so.

I’ll tell you the serious problems ( At least 2 big ones) that I see on their way to smash us

. …But you’ll have to come back tomorrow., no long boreing articles for you to tune out!!!!


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