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Wall Street Rally 2nd day..I don’t believe it.

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

This appears to be a technical relief rally. Those who tend to be bullish or optimistic traders have been battered over the past 6-7 months. Any sign of relief when coupled with an oversold condition will trigger a short term rally.

I don’t believe it.The worst of this economic slow down/ recession, is still to come.

If Wall Street is still in a happy mood after a long cold winer with outrageous fuel costs, then I will believe.

Noty now   .Save your money  

Did Obamanation appologize to Germans for our Nation?

Monday, July 28th, 2008

     Barack Obama has just completed a week long trip to the Middle East and Europe.

     Every stop was orchestrated, and he was carefully shielded by his staff from any freelance exposure to the press or the public.

      With staged Photo ops at every stop, the exposure was obviously the most important objective.

     In Germany, he spoke at a free public rock concert, his coverage beginning after a crowd of 200,000 Germans were already worked up by the music.

     He made a point of repeatedly appologizing for America, and American imperfect actions. This in the heart of former Nazi Germany.

     The absence on stage, of an American flag was a notable exclusion for a man wishing to be the leader of this Country.

     When he was told that his scheduled visit to wounded troops at Landstuhl Medical Center, would have to be made without reporters or T V crews, he declined to make the visit. WHAT DOES POLITICS  AND PUBLIC PICTURES HAVE TO DO WITH PAYING YOUR RESPECTS TO THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO ARE FIGHTING TO PROTECT HIS FREEDOM TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT. 

     And, if he had time to go to the gym, why was he toooo busy to see the wounded Heroes.


Dogs are good for your health-Just an observation

Monday, July 28th, 2008

Just an Observation-

 All Dogs are healthy, but some dogs are healthier than others.

I’ve had a dog as my Pal for most of my life, so I am very familiar with their traits. Like the fun of romping with a puppy,or  playing catch with a  frisbee. And how about the walks,  usually at least twice a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year , rain or shine, hot or very very cold.

There is a great deal of joy and unconditional love that comes with owning a dog, and also a great deal of responsibility, and as we all know, there are some hastles, and  obligations.

However; I have discovered an additional benefit a dog can bring to your life. Health and longer life, for master and dog,,  If you know where to look .

An Economic Generation is About to End III

Monday, July 28th, 2008

An Economic Generation is About to End III

by Charlie Champion

     The key to understanding the disaster which we face , is comprehending the methodology

which the Fed has manipulate the economic currents.

     Historically, the free enterprise system, has involved several years of expansion, followed by a

year or two of contraction. This enabled the economy to digested,the gains, adjust to the losses and provided the capital necessary to fuel the next  recovery and economic growth cycle. The contractions had a way of punishing the excesses.

     There is a certain rhythm to this type of ebb and flow. An economic logic, which keeps

speculation in some framework of caution and helps to limit too much excess.

     If you go too far you can get wiped out.”If you play the tune (toon) you better be prepared to pay

the piper”.

     The methodology of having the Government bail out failed or flawed industries, graduated from

smaller, strategically necessary actions, like saving the airlies, or the domestic automotive

manufacturers, to more serious and questionable actions., like bailing out the S&L’s.

     The list is extensive, and the bail outs have become more and more intrusive.

     The excesses of speculation have been protected by various public bail outs. We have printed

money by the ton and manipulated the interest rates to mitigate the pain of those excesses.

These government actions have made it easier for speculators to take certain risks, providing a

“down side” , safety net of public money , to ease the pain of failure.

An Economic Generation is About to End II

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

                                An Economic Generation is About to End II  

                                                                by                                                                                                                      Charlie Champion

                                                             PART II

     The two linchpins of this economic initiative were the manipulation of the money

supply, and adjustment of interest rates to control Inflation. To orchestrate this, Reagan

nominated Alan Greenspan to be Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

     President Reagan was forced to pull the Democrats along, kicking and screaming .Lowering

taxes and reduced spending were difficult concepts for “tax and spend” Liberals to grasp ..

     Reaganomics proved to be a successful economic system for its time.

     Under the bi- partisan leadership of Federal Reserve chief ,Alan Greenspan, our economy has

sustained several scandals and two notable “bubble” disasters.Despite these periodic spikes of excessive speculative expansion, the economy has continued to thrived for almost 25 years, eiyher in spite of or  due to the Federal  Reserve’s increasingly excessive application of monetary manipulation.

An Economic Generation is About to End by Charlie Champion

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

      An economic generation is about to end.      We can look back at the 1980’s and 90’s  with a degree of certainly. They  definitely were “the

good old days”.

     Beginning in 1984, newly elected President, Ronald Reagan, began implementing his

conservative,Kenseyan brand of economics, labeled ” Reaganomics”, as an immediate response

to the morass that was the U.S. economy,as bungled by Jimmy Carter.

     Thanks to the Carter administration’s incompetent provincial leadership, the

economy was experiencing a high rate of inflation, a high level of unemployment, and very little

growth A situation known as Stagflation.

      Interest rates in the upper teens, were a stranglehold on any potential growth.

Our bungled mission in the desert of Iran was a National embarassment.

     In general the U S economy and national psyche were at historic lows.

     In a multipronged initiative, Reagan’s team worked to reduce taxes and restrict Government

spending. This had the effect of forcing more spending into the private sector and encouraged

the return of the entrepreneurial spirit.

     To further nurture this renaissance spirit, he  pushed to reduced government regulations, helping

 to make the business climate more user friendly than it had been under the Carter administration.

Coming Soon! How I Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

I smoked 2-3 packs a day for 30+ years.

I Quit cold turkey 12/31/03  @ 23:59  . I put my remaining 1/2 pack of Kool Milds in my desk drawer.

I have not touched that pack or any other cigarette since that exact second. Pretty cool.

I don’t caugh too much anymore, food tastes better and the World smells real, not smokey.

Wall Street Rally, Don’t you believe it

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Well dear friends, I told you last week that I was going to redirect some of my focus from current events both financial and political, to more health related subjects.Including my very successful methods for stopping smoking, and also loosing weight

However, while the series of articles are being prepared, I must jump into this Wall Street mess. DO NOT BUY STOCKS NOW, unless you either #1 Have a wish to loose money #2, Have some very hot FOOL PROOF information, and I emphasize the fool part.

We are in a Bear Market, which must go lower before it will be ready recover and go higher. The bottom is not close. 

Investors are wary and depressed, but not yet devastated.  Devastation will signal the beginning of a bottom…Not yet.


One World Economy, Whose World Will it Be?

Thursday, July 17th, 2008



                                                     Charlie Champion


     Hi. My name is Charlie Champion, and I’m running for President of the United States,  

As a write in candidate.


     I have chosen this unorthodox method   for getting elected, because I no longer trust our political system.


     It feels like there is a very sneaky , subversive  agenda  being fostered on the American public.


     With the development of International corporations, and  globalization of  wealth production,  our leaders, both Republicrats and Demopublicans  have been leading us on a long sloping path towards One world economy.


     Out sourcing, open borders, NAFTA, CAFTA, the elimination of duty on many imports, the clues are everywhere.. The money funding so many of our politicians   and their political campaigns appears to pour in from foreign sources.


     If not a world economy, then certainly a North American Union, possibly Western Hemisphere. This is all well and good for our powerful mega industrialists and their World Political partners/puppets, but how about us?


     Natural resources from Canada, manufacturing with cheap labor in Mexico or Central America is great for corporate profits and wealthy  CEO’s, but what happens to  your Everyman USA citizens? What does this mega World  economic system do for us?


     Nothing good!!!  Very little is manufactured here anymore. We are being turned into a nation of  working drones ..Our freedoms are being eroded, and  our living standards are dropping , while   World leadership and World Economic Emperors of Industry get richer and more powerful.


     The best Nation in history is being taken away from us.


     We are being turned into a Nation of  slaves many working from paycheck to paycheck. Not much better than Drones!


     I DON’T THINK SO!!! I’m no DRONE!!!!


     I’m mad as Hell at what I see coming !! And I don’t want to take it anymore.

     Elect Charlie Champion President . He’ll put an end to this insidious plot.                                                     

Seeing the Beauty in Nature Helps Define the Soul of Man

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

                                 by                                                        Kief Lewis                                                    Press Secretary                                                                   for                                                  Charlie Champion    


    Ever since the day when the first primitive Human ancestor stood up on two legs and surveyed  the world which would one day belong to His descendants,  Man has been struggling to control  his  environment.      

    Nature has ever been a source of conflict and danger.

    Competition with other animals for  food was the key to avoiding extinction.  To eat and not be eaten, has always been a primary rule for survival.           Becoming a skilled hunter was important.      Developing the skills to avoid becoming the prey was a good idea. Life is much easier if you  live at the top of the food chain.          Humanity learned to insulate itself from some of the ravages of nature. Animal skins, and other  types of clothing. helped Man to adapt to more extremes of nature.            The Human Animal has always been inventive, utilizing the bounty of Nature to elevate Himself  over other competing species. Caves and trees as safe havens for shelter.  Bodies of water as  boundry’s and barriers for protection, as well as a means of transportation..     Sticks and rocks made effective weapons in the hands of an upright biped with a moveable  thumb      .With the evolution of expanding brain capacity, Humanity became the dominant species  on the Planet and was able to excert more and more control of  His environment.           As his consciousness grew, Man began to develop an awareness of himself as an individual  entity in relationship  to his peers as well as to the natural environment which was his home.