Seeing the Beauty in Nature Helps Define the Soul of Man

                                 by                                                        Kief Lewis                                                    Press Secretary                                                                   for                                                  Charlie Champion    


    Ever since the day when the first primitive Human ancestor stood up on two legs and surveyed  the world which would one day belong to His descendants,  Man has been struggling to control  his  environment.      

    Nature has ever been a source of conflict and danger.

    Competition with other animals for  food was the key to avoiding extinction.  To eat and not be eaten, has always been a primary rule for survival.           Becoming a skilled hunter was important.      Developing the skills to avoid becoming the prey was a good idea. Life is much easier if you  live at the top of the food chain.          Humanity learned to insulate itself from some of the ravages of nature. Animal skins, and other  types of clothing. helped Man to adapt to more extremes of nature.            The Human Animal has always been inventive, utilizing the bounty of Nature to elevate Himself  over other competing species. Caves and trees as safe havens for shelter.  Bodies of water as  boundry’s and barriers for protection, as well as a means of transportation..     Sticks and rocks made effective weapons in the hands of an upright biped with a moveable  thumb      .With the evolution of expanding brain capacity, Humanity became the dominant species  on the Planet and was able to excert more and more control of  His environment.           As his consciousness grew, Man began to develop an awareness of himself as an individual  entity in relationship  to his peers as well as to the natural environment which was his home.            

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