Did Obamanation appologize to Germans for our Nation?

     Barack Obama has just completed a week long trip to the Middle East and Europe.

     Every stop was orchestrated, and he was carefully shielded by his staff from any freelance exposure to the press or the public.

      With staged Photo ops at every stop, the exposure was obviously the most important objective.

     In Germany, he spoke at a free public rock concert, his coverage beginning after a crowd of 200,000 Germans were already worked up by the music.

     He made a point of repeatedly appologizing for America, and American imperfect actions. This in the heart of former Nazi Germany.

     The absence on stage, of an American flag was a notable exclusion for a man wishing to be the leader of this Country.

     When he was told that his scheduled visit to wounded troops at Landstuhl Medical Center, would have to be made without reporters or T V crews, he declined to make the visit. WHAT DOES POLITICS  AND PUBLIC PICTURES HAVE TO DO WITH PAYING YOUR RESPECTS TO THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO ARE FIGHTING TO PROTECT HIS FREEDOM TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT. 

     And, if he had time to go to the gym, why was he toooo busy to see the wounded Heroes.


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