I Don’t Get It

It appears that a very important, decisive, undecided battle is going on in Iraq. The fact that it is so large , involving  controlling the second largest city in the country is  obviously heavy duty .

The fact that it  is the central city in the oil flow is a given.

But how come this is mentioned in a more low key almost second tier story? To me; however, there are elements of some significant things going on. So why would the press, which trumpets out statistic numbers with anguished glee , and  gives red carpet treatment to stories of our negatives, yet ignores this story.


The thing that puzzles me…The Big story , at least for me… is thet the Iraqi military is fighting this battle, with some air support and I’m sure, other help,  but those are Iraqi soldiers fighting , and dieing…Not American boys… This is, a big deal,.

I published this blog several months ago. Today al

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