NBC News, not biased either?????

Now NBC/WSJ Poll puts Obama up by 3 points, but  no mention of the Obama behind by 5 points poll, but they don’t miss a chance to list a litany of McCain faults and weaknesses, but Obama was on vacation, so McCainb had the media to himself…HORSEFEATHERS !! 

How about …I’d settle for a 70- 30 split in equality.

I feel the critical issues in this election are watershed. 

A move back to a world of good and evil. A world where it is O K to get chills when you hear the Star Spangled Banner..

A world where at T V reporter,Chris Collingsworth, would not DARE to try to embarass a huge star like Kobe Bryant, at the Olympics, for expressing a love of and pride in America    

I’m no right wing nut job.  in fact on most social issues I’m middle to slightly left, but on the life and death issues which are putting MY COUNTRY at serious risk.. No compromise. NONE !!!!       I love this country , I would be willing to die for my country,  I feel that this is the last greatest hope for Civilization for generations.      You/ want to comprfomise Her,  I will line up in front of you.

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