Senator Biden could help in swing states

Senator Joe Biden, a baptized Catholic from Scranton Pennsylvania, would appear to bring a potential swing state surge for Obama,  Or will he?

     A Catholic with pro abortion beliefs?, No, No, This is one stance that will hurt not help with middle America.

     If the Catholic middle of the road vote was the objective..didn’t and won’y work. Abortion is one of those key platforms that engenders passion, and  trumps other beliefs.

     By the way, choosing someone as your running mate who adds a great deal of experience and substance to your ticket is a greeat idea.. if you’re the top of the ticker.

     Choosing someone to balance you off is an admission that you are lacking in those very attributes. The Vice President doesn’t run the country, or even have any say at all. It is the top of the ticket, the President, who runs the show.

   Nice try, but you got it wrong. Unless you are looking as your V P as nothing more than an attack dog with a big mouth.

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