Great Speech, Now where’s the Beef?

Senator Obama is a great orator.  He can say something, believe it, and make it real, in his own mind.

That type of person is very powerful, and very dangerous. The reality that they see, and project, becomes true, because they will it and believe it.However, believing while very imspirational does not make it true.

To want something to be true. To trick your mind into seeing it as the truth, is very inspirational, but actually implimenting some action to make it true is a whole other function.

I believe in fairy tales, happy endings, and castles in the sky, but if I want to live in that castle, I better  begin to build a staircase, and a substance to my dreams, or get myseld a good parachute.

Dreams are vitally important, but G-d gave us free will , brains, and a movable thumb to implement those fantasies. It works. But needs some practical ,concrete planning in addition to the fluff and the visions.

Again I say to Senator Obama, YOUR WORDS ARE GREAT, AND VERY INSPIRATIONAL, BUT………” Where’s the beef?”

Show me how you are going to do what you say and you will have a convert.  So far I hear and read a lot of rhetoric, bot NO SUBSTANCE AT ALL.

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