Sarah Palin is a Sexy Choice for the G O P

There is obviously some controversy concerning Senator McCains selection of Governor Sarah Palin as his V P running mate.

True, there are some negatives in her selection. She’s young. Almost 2 years younger than Senator Obama.

She’s only had 2 years as a chief executive . Oh yes, that’s 2 years more than Obama. Etc,Etc.

HOWEVER, She brings something to the table that is priceless .

We are excited about her.Good and Bad…She’s not just another Washington insider. She’s another very real part of the American Dream.She’s the old fashioned ,”girl next door” and people are talking about her, and watching the news, and talking to each other about the yeas and neas.

What her selection has accomplished is regeneration. The McCain campaign has been energized. There is actually a sense of excitement about the upcoming Republican convention.   

Yes,  I’ll say it….Her selection was sexy. No, not in a salatious way, although she will be the prettiest Vice President in  History. Sexy by  creating excitement anticipation and possibly a push back to moral America. The land that we seem to have misplaced.

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