Do not bail out the thieves-Is there a conflict of interest?

You couldn’t make this stuff up. The Secretary of the Treasury, a gentleman named Paulson, was employed by a company called Goldman Sachs. His job title at Goldman was C E O . I may be getting a little confused, but CE O used to stand for Chief Executive Officer.  The Boss. He left that job(some job) to become Treasury Secretary, a few years ago Now correct me if I’m wrong, this banking crisis has been brewing for several decades, apparently overlaping some of Mr Paulsons time on the job. Doesn’t that mean that he is somewhat complicit in what has happened? It also strikes me as a somewhat unusual coincidence, that Goldman Sachs is the” Last Man Standing” , and is  positioned to generate  huge amounts of profits from this proposed bailout. WHAT!!!! I’m sure that this is all just a coincidence. “Dumb luck” . as they say. Why can’t I have that type of dumb luck??? I guess I should have stayed on The Street, instead of leaving for other opportunities. Who knows, perhaps I could have been me as recipient of a bail out, or possible and tragically I could have chosen to work at Bear Stearns or Merrill , or one of the others, and would be forced to live on lesser bailouts. A few hundred million would at least enable me to get by.

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