The bailout is just that, A Bailout

This $700 billion bailout is an open license to steal.

This $ 700 billion bailout  is a big bandaid, covering up some  incredible lies.

This $ 700 billion bailout is based upon a great many misconceptions and some extremely partisan posturing.

This $ 700 billion bailout is a bailout, defined as getting someone out of a problem.Why do I have to pay to get some very slick, wealthy  deliberat  thieves, get out of a tight spot.

Why do I have to prevent them from taking a loss .They knew what they were doing.

At least the Higher Ups (HU’s) knew. They knew the books were being cooked.

The Fanny and Freddy bosses  knew.

The Merrill Lynch , Bear Stearns, Goldman, et al knew.

The pretty earnings reports and optomistic  projections  were based upon faulty foundations.

Explain why they are being shielded from loss.

Why can’t we become a new bank, and make the  banks that need money  come to Our Bank to borrow money.

If necessary let them come to Our Insurance company, and purchase mortgage insurance to help guarantee their portfolios.Why do we have to give the money away. Let the guilty pay for their duplicity.

Of course, Our Insurance company would provide mortgage insurance to the homeowners who are in distress.

Of course developing domestic sources of energy, including off shore drilling, utilizing the oil shale reserves,and  developing Alaskan natural resources as well as our huge natural gas reserves.

We could utilize some of those billions we are throwing around to  fund research into wind, gasahol, solar, etc. et al.

We are fixing a problem by throwing cash at it. I say lets keep the cash and fix the problem for now, and for the future.For this type of price tag, the fix must be permanent.


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