The polls are driving me crazy, how about you

The acrimonious Presidential election is getting down to the stretch run, and I know I speak for many, many citizens, “Enough is enough already.”

We have been baked,fried and hard boiled. I am beginning to  get desensitized to the whole process.

Last chance, give me one more dollar.

Don’t let the opposition get ahead.

Believe the polls.

Don’t believe the polls.

Good grief. They are even posting hourly tracking polls which show Obama up .2%, McCain up.1%, Down .2%,Obama has slipped from 50.1% to 49.9% since this morning.

How the heck do they know that.

Who makes up this stuff?

Enough already.

Lets end in a dead heat, so we can start all over again.

That would be fun.

Like swimming in a pool of hungry sharks!!!

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