Wall Street holds its breath

The market is trying to build some type of base.

Apparently there is a large block of larger investors, who are turning blue from lack of oxygen. Holding one’s breath can cause brain damage if taken to extreme

Thankfully the involuntary reflex forces us to breath before we pass out.

Seriously, there is a strong sentiment among the rich, that Obama will be a disaster to the upper end of the economy, and consequently business in general will be in trouble if taxes are raised.

They are taking a small ounce of hope from the slight rally in McCains fortunes, as slim as they appear, they keep hope alive.

From a practical perspective, as a small business owner, we are being choked by a double whammy.

The recession has caused business to shrink.

Business collections have slowed to a crawl.

Every State, Federal , and local Government agency is desperate for money.

Owe any of them a penny, and they are in court pressing the collection issue with a vengeance.

Increase taxes , increase spending and I am squeezed beyond ,beyond.

I’m small, but a microcosm of the business community¬† at this point in history.

The realities are very frightening, and the consequences tear at the fabric of our society.

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