This Election has created a serious rift in America

Thanks to the terrible failures of George Bush and his version of  liberal Republicanism , the Country is reacting with blind anger.

They are even willing to vote for an unknown extreme Left Wing Liberal because his name is not George Bush.

The mainstream press has religiously avoided any negative press for Senator Obama, and have annointed him as a savior without having any clue of the damage that will be done.

This  lack of full disclosure has created an undercurrent of anger and distrust. Americans are not stupid. We resent being lied to and conned.

Those that have bought into the Savior mantle are happy, those of us who do not are getting increasingly agitated  and frustrated.

The passion on the Right and the Left has become so polarized that there does not appear to be a middle anymore.

The disingenuous  polarization is evident on both sides.

What ever side wins this Presidential election, the damage might be too much to heal.

Citizens of America!!! Please!!! Do not give up hope!!!

May G-d bless America.

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