The Race is Over…At Long Last

Congratulations to our new President.May he be blessed with the wisdom to protect and guide our Nation to peace and prosperity. 

To the hope and energy generated by this historic event, I would add ” It is about time for the Black youth of America to have a positive role model, who is not strictly an athlete.”

In the excitement of this historic election, let us not forget, most of the opposition to President Elect Obama was due to his extreme left wing policy. His color was a moot point for most of us.

We must watch carefully , and attempt to temper the damage that can be caused by the 3 legged stool.( Reid,Pelosi, and now the White House.)

This election was about change, but very few voters were providing a mandate for Socialism or Communism to become our economic/ geopolitical system.

Can Obama become a temperate and compromising executive? Can he rise to the occasion of greatness which the job provides? 

We can hope for wisdom while never letting go of our core principals.

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