The Nasty Side of the Recession

The Country, indeed the World is falling deeper and deeper into what sure looks like a Depression to me.

Depression is an economic term as well as a psychological one.

The classic definition of an economic  Depression has probably not been achieved yet, but the incoming effects are obvious to anyone who deals with business and work. Things have slowed down, and are getting slower.

The Psychological effects , at this time, are less obvious but more ominous.

People are becoming short tempered and more irritable.

Nice and sweet are in short supply,  and everyone appears to be  ready to argue about anything.

Our population, especially under age 40-45 is not ready for difficult times.

We have lived through several decades of mild recessions, and quick easy fixes.

Even the dot com, followed by 9/11, was a relatively easy fix compared to the current  morass.

Nice is the operative  hope.

Nasty is the sad reality.

People are worried and stressed, and looking for something…anything to strike back at.

What a sad state of affairs!! 

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