The Silver Tipped Grey Wolf Who Wished to be President of the Pack

Hillaria Wolf had always been very large for her age.

She had been known since she was a pup,  for her cunning and brutality.   Her instincts for survival , and her disregard for the life of others was legendary throughout the pack.

Her selfish  and selfserving approach  to life caused her to be treated with loathing and suspicion by her contemporaries.  

In fact as a pup, during a particularly bad winter she had devoured the runt of the  litter  of her  siblings .

This was a move of despicable self preservation.

But…. She was hungry and  the live prey  helped her to survive the cold winter, and marked her as a Wolf to be reckoned with.

Hillaria was ambitious. Even though she was a bitch,  she planned and conspired to  become head wolf.

A bitch as pack leader was just not done in the world of Silver Tipped Grey Wolves, but  Hillaria was determined. She was born top dog, and would never accept a subservient position in the heirarchy of the pack.

In the Springtime of her third year, she encountered a male Silver Tipped Grey from a neighboring pack. His name was Billwill . He was large and muscular, with a thick full coat. His size, and affable nature placed him in a position of prominence within his own pack.

Billwill was highly sociable. He loved flirting with the young bitches, and they seemed drawn to his musk scent.

The fact that he was glib and likeable but not exceedingly intelligent or agressive made him a desirable mate for Hillaria. She would remake Billwill as a percieved leader of the pack,get him elected  and then she would  become the “power behind the Throne”. 

Her plan worked to perfection.

She only had to devour a few rivals along the way.

Survival of the fittest, you know..

Want to read more about Hillaria, or the little squirrel, or any of my other stories.???

Let me know I need the encouragement.

Hope this made you smile.

There’s enough out there to be scared and sad about, a little jocularity is O K 


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