Holiday Season 2008, the end of an Era?

The new world is dawning.

Not a pretty sight,but a realistic look at our future.

We are just beginning to see the wheels come off our bus

.The undercurrent of sentiment is becoming a  torrent of resignation.

” Things are bad, and they are going to get much worse. “I hear these phrases uttered several  times a day.

” They aren’t going to get better any time soon.”

” Get used to difficult times. ”

“The good old days are gone.”

The Bernard Madoff rip off and scandal was the final nail in the coffin of public sentiment.

The American people are  overdosed on traumatic events and failing institutions.

Our leaders lie to us.

Out banks have failed.

We find that our respected friends are nothing more than master con men.

We are Americans!

Citizens of the greatest country on Earth!

This is not supposed to happen to us.

We have been sold out by our leaders for 30 pieces of  silver.

We are too shell shocked to get angry.

…….so far…….

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