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The Obama stimulus, a pig in a poke, Hold the Lipstick!

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

I have been sitting on my hands, or maybe I should say I have been holding my tongue( try typing or ranting while holding your tongue between thumb and forefinger…not easy)
This stimulus package will never work. I wanted to give our new President the customary 100 day honeymoon, but the sewers are backing up, and the stench is overwhelming.

The stimulus bill totaling almost $1 trillion is a fantasy come true for left wing liberal causes.

This is payback for all of those dilligent working extremists who have waited for their pay day.

Let me be clear, during “normal” times a payback to “them that brung you to the dance” is a normal part of politics.

Every 4 years new people get elected and new paybacks result.

There are 2 differences this time. #1. We are in serious trouble, have wasted almost $1 trillion already and this new bill will at least double that number.

These are serious numbers, and we are fast running out of new assets.
As Barney Frank stated a few days ago, if this fails to stimulate the economy we don’t have many additional options.

Interest rates are close to zero, and the government printing presses can’t run any faster.

However, over 10% of the stimulus is for infrastructure, 15% will redistriute wealth from tax payers to non tax payers.

Nothing is being done for the small business, or the new entreprenure,

There have been estimates that fully 75 % of the spending will not hit the economy for 2-3 years, Way too little and way too late.

This is no stimulus. This is no help. This is a huge package of PORK, without the lipstick!

In conclusion, when you see the Stockmarket going up due to passage of this huge stimulus, duck, the wheels are falling off the bus.

O K We Have our first Black President, Now What

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Well O K , the excitement and novelty is over.

We now have our first Black President. Now what happens?

Will he walk on water?

Will he outhustle Magic Johnson on the B Ball court?

Will he restore World peace?

  Is the Recession over?

Is the U S Banking system stabilized yet?

How about our two wars. Are the troops home from Iraq yet? Have we killed or captured Binladen?

Whats takeing so long?

Where is the complaint department? Do I take a number or is this being run digitally?

The World has been led to believe that our new President is magic, oops, that can’t be, Magic’s last name is Johnson

Good luck Mr President, you’ll need it. You have the world convinced that you are the Messiah, what are you going to do for an encore.

Today Is a Great Day for America

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

The orderly transition of government from one administration to a new one is living proof that our Republic is functioning properly.

For that reason I say G-d Bless America.

The fact that we are welcoming  the first black President in our history is a great tribute to the ideals and good intentions of our people.

For that reason I pray that our new President is successful and can prosper in what is arguably the worst job in the World.

The fact that a person’s color has never been very important or even noticed by me is secondary to the fact that his color means a great deal to a great many souls alive and dead  That makes me proud to be an American

The fact that I do not like his economic stimulus plan and his political direction in general makes me worried about the direction My Country is about to travel.

If  I could have President Obama’s ear for 10 seconds, I would ask him to study history and to learn from mistakes of the past.

“Please, Mr President, FDR was a great man, a great politician, a great manipulator of human emotions(all of which you appear to be too)

However, FDR ‘s economic policies were a disaster for the Country and accelerated the  descent from Recession into Depression.

Please read the history books, Mr President.

The Feel Good Obama Rally-Sell Sell Sell

Friday, January 16th, 2009

The inauguration  of President Obama is next Tuesday, and although  the event is being hailed as historic( It is in many ways)  this is not the beginning of a recovery for our economy.

While the new president is indeed our first black President, and while we all wish him success and much good luck, the fact remains that he is also a very Liberal (economic) Democrat with a solid majority of congress on his team.

From a financial standpoint, the combination does not augur well for our economy in the short and intermediate term.

Most of his proposals for our “stimulus” is a result of a very liberal agenda. The echo of FDR New Deal politics is reverberating  throughout the land. Unfortunately these policies historically have been a negative and not a positive on  economic health.They have failed  every time in history that they were attempted. A managed economy is a sure formula for stagnation and appathetic work habits.

The press and most pundits are saying ” give him a chance. We want him to succeed.”

Of course we want him to do well. Unfortunately if he is given too much latitude and too much patience, the damage that will result, will linger for many years.

The policy of public works projects does not work. People will have jobs until the project is complete, then they will have to be put back to work on the next government project, creating a permanent class of government employed construction workers building things that are dead end structures or roads etc. No new wealth is created.

We are slipping down a road to economic  stagnation and eventual socialization of our industries.

Not a road to a higher Stock Market.

Barstool Beaver, and the Bridge Over the River Split Tongue, a Parable about Make Work Projects

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009


Barstool Beaver poked his nose out of the water, cautiously sniffing the air.

The late  Fall sun was low on the horizon, and  the cool brisk wind  smelled crisp and clear.There was  no trace of the wolf pack or the big old brown bear that occasionally stalked the beaver colony.

The  drought  had intensified this summer, and the lack of rainfall had taken its toll,The Split Tongue river was unusually shallow and slow moving..

Barstool Beaver  hauled his body out of the sediment clogged water. The river bank was muddy and covered with fallen leaves, broken twigs, and other miscellaneous flotsam.

 He was just three years old, but Barstool was already 26 inches long  and weighed 55 pounds, both large for an adult  beaver. His thick brown hair was lush and glistened with  natural oils.

He shook once to remove the muddy water that was splattered  across his body, and ambled towards the dam construction site.

“It’s time  to get to work” he grumbled. ” I hate the night shift. It gets so cold after the sun goes down.”

As he walked towards the job, he reminisced about the good times.

The times when it rained enough, and the river was full and swift. When every able bodied  beaver was needed on dam construction and reinforcement. 

The times when there was enough work for every beaver to be productive, and to earn a full share of  a plentiful food supply.

The times when he just had to just show up to get  as much  good food  as a beaver could want, without having to work too hard.

“Yes ,” he thought,” My first year was so much better.   Plenty of necessary work to do. I was important for just arriving at work .

They gave me a nice new home. Lent me the money to fix it up, and never asked my name or how old I was….The Good Old Days.”

Barstool Beaver shrugged his shoulder and kept walking.” Now they take back my home, its called foreclosure, and they give my nice snug  burrow to a family of Otters.”

He stamped his front paw.” Not Fair! I should be entitled to a home and food. Maybe a warm snug bed…” He let the thought trail off as he was distracted by a female beaver approaching from his right.

Belinda Beaver was a  petite silver tipped beaver. Her  svelt body and opulent   lush fur had most of the young males fighting to impress her.

” Hey Barstool, ” she smiled, ”

” Hey Belinda.” He waved.

” You want to swim with me?” She gave him a big wink.

” Sh sure,” He stammered, then remembered his work.” I’m supposed to work on the new dam tonight.”

” New dam? We don’t need a new dam.” She retorted. ” The original dam is working well enough for this old slow river. What do we need a new dam for?”

” It’s not just one dam, they have a series of five dams planned .” He shrugged” Its part of a comprehensive stimulus package to get all of the Beavers working again.”

She battered her long lashes ,” Honey too many dams will flood the valley, and besides I want to play now. ”

Barstool hesitated. She was right of course. Too many dams constructed along this section of the  River Split Tongue, would result in  some serious flooding.

” What the heck.” he thought. ” The Beaver colony will feed me even if I don’t work. After all, what good is a bailout if  it doesn’t allow me some free time for fun and games.

I’m probably doing the valley a favor by not working too hard.Work Less prevent flooding.” He rationalized. 

By the next Spring, the main dam was leaking badly.

There were 2 new very wobbly dams up river, and three partially constructed ones that washed away with the first Spring thaw.

When the drought ended in early May, the Spring rains swept all five new dams away, then overwhelmed the neglectd original structure.

The Beaver colony lost 60% of its population .

The local valley was flooded and eventually when the waters receeded a 2 inch layer of debris covered the formerly fertile fields.

Many animals starved. Hunger and poverty were rampant.

Just in time for a new much larger Stimulus package to rescue  the  entire valley .


What Can You Buy With $50000000000.00?

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

With $50 billion what could you buy?

A beautiful pony

A Castle in the sky.

You would have power over people

Your influence would be second to only a mosque,church or steeple.

Who needs so much money?

The question is why.

How much is enough?

How much can you spend?

How much can you buy?

So get a ship not a boat

not a swimming pool but a moat.

You can afford to buy anything, and anything more

How about a Judge,

Your own country

Your own army

Your own general store.

The money that was stolen is so difficult to comprehend,

Who can count a number who’se zero’s never end.

Try to spend $14.4 trillion

All those zero’s makes my brain bend


What a Great Idea! Forget the Tax Credits

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Well the new president to-be ,in his economic revelation yesterday ,added a $3000 tax credit to encourage business to hire or at least retain their workers.

Not a perfect stimulus, but at least a slight encouragement for small business. A step in the right direction.

Wouldn’t you know it, in the whole obscene $trillion stimulus , the main opposition Obama received from the Democratic anti free enterprise nuts , was to this one business encouragement.

They would rather have that money go to more infrastructure and more clean energy experimentation.

The stimulus will not work in this form.

The stimulus will create a lot of new government employees, and a lot of roads and bridges. New Hydro electric plants, and a whole generation of workers dependent on the government to find them jobs.

What happened to Capitalism , and the private creation of jobs and new wealth.

Will our system of economic freedom survive this stimulus package?

I fear for my country.

The Obama Stimulus Package- It won’t work

Friday, January 9th, 2009

President Elect Obama is beginning to reveal his economic stimulus package. Apparently he is taking a page from Franklin D Roosevelt’s book of “Failed Economics and Political Reelection.”

As I have stated previously, the stock market crash of 1929 has gotten a bad rap. It was a big drop in stock prices, signaling the end of an economic speculative bubble, but the resultant recession and unemployment figures were relatively mild .

The Great Depression was born through the efforts of President Roosevelt attempting to reduce unemployment to pre bubble levels of 3-4 %. In November 1929 unemployment was at 6%, and would rise to almost 9% by December 1929, but quickly dropped back to approx 6% in June 1930.

The relatively “normal” recession became a deep Depression in 1931-1937 when unemployment never dipped below 14 % and reached into the low mid 20’s  for most of that time.

This was caused by the vast stimulus programs instituted by FDR, Public works, the TVA, bridge and road construction. Dams for generation of cheap electricity and conservation, created  many new structures but no new wealth. Private industry was overwhelmed by taxes and tighter regulations.

The appearance of a hard working president was broadcast on radio and blared in banner newspaper headlines .

The reality was , the New Deal was a fiscal disaster, which created and extended the Depression. Sending hundreds of thousands of  unemployed Americans out to build  and work on Government payroll projects looked heroic on FDR’s part, and kept him as President and the Democratic  Party in power for almost 20 years, but He was a false hero whose policies did more harm than good.

Obama looks great on paper, but sadly our recession/ depression  is destined to last for the better part of 8 years.

To All My Loyal Readers Thank You

Monday, January 5th, 2009

My Dear Friends,

I have been writing this blog for a little over a year.

I am not very Internet savy, so what ever promotional things people normally do to get attention on the Internet…I did none of them, at least not intentionally.

Ipso Facto(I hope I spelled it correctly)  You must find me entertaining , informative, and I’m helping in some way.

At the beginning of what is sure to be a difficult year, I just wanted to say thank you.

Thank you for being loyal.

Thank you for getting it.

If any of you have any comments or questions.. Please ask.

You are family, or at least friends.

Happy Healthy New Year.

I’ll do my best to help.

Love You All

The Relationship of Economics to History

Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Economics is a way of keeping score.

Economics is the way we are able to feed ourselves.

Economics is the engine that drives history.

The quest for quantitative gain, either in wealth or sustenance has been the propellant for most wars,  the march of  invading armies, and the annexation of  neighbors lands.

Economics is the fuel which drives society.

From the beginning of human history, people banded together first in clans, and ultimately in tribes and later nations, all with the original need to feed and protect.

To control the source of food and to allocate its distribution was an economic power that could decided life and death.

As society evolved, the symbiotic relationship  economics and history strengthened.

Today, the state of our economy has once again devolved to a more basic level. The days of indiscriminate spending on increasingly absurd possessions are fast disappearing.

Now we have turned into a dependent society.

We expect to be taken care of,,

Thank god for Obama and his Progressive minions.

Our needs are no longer our responsibility.

Pay my heating bills.

Buy my food.

Provide my health care.

Subsidize my rent.

Pay me not to work.