The Wall Street Rally- Dead Cat Bounce

The rally on Wall Street that has everyone so excited is a technical bounce.

Dear friends, the recession is not over, and the market has not bottomed out.

look for a back and forth movement for a while, possibly several months, but the trend over the intermediate term , according to Fat Louie the Duck, is still going to be down, down, down.( Please excuse the play on words, I just couldn’t resist.You know downe, a ducks feathers)

Anyway, the fundimental problems with the economy are still broken, and all of this stimulating action is a band aid at best, and a negative long term disaster  leading up to that Two Ton Gorilla I have spoken about in the past STAG FLATION!

Stagflation is the real problem coming our way. Just wait until the $5-10 Trillion of paper money gets into the market. We will be chasing our tails for hard good,with  increasingly worthless dollars.

Not a pretty site.

Watch your backs my dear friends.

We will prevail!

We just have to get back to our traditional American Judeo Christian values.

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