Stimulate This- What a Joke

I just don’t get it. We are in a recession, sliding  inexorably towards a Depression, and out leaders are fiddling while “Rome” burns.

Things are not getting better. In fact things are getting worse. The economy is continuing to slow down despite the optimistic dribble that the reporters and pundits are spewing.

It almost feels like our leaders want things to get worse, so that they can further tamper with the social structure of our society. That Rom Emanuel “don’t let a good crisis go to waste” ,quote feels like he and his Boss are encouraging the crisis to come in such rapid succession, that the American people are numbed and not paying attention.

Lets talk about the “Stimulus” package.

New York State is receiving $6+ Billion as part of the stimulus package. What great economic stimulus projects is New York rushing to implement, to help our troubled and unemployed people. I’m sure there are great projects starting next week .

WRONG, the new New York budget which was short by billions , has increased by 9% over last year. The “pork” is still there, and the billions in stimulus money is going to fill in the budget shortfall.

How is that stimulating the economy?

It is business as usual. The Feds are printing inflationary money non stop, and all they are doing is recycling the money to cover “BUSINESS AS USUAL” on the state level.

There are no capital projects.

No new business.

No help for the economy, only social engineering  and more redistribution nonsense.

At this rate, everyone will work for the government, or for a favored labor union, and we will have one great big STAGNANT morass.

The end of the greatest place on earth.

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