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Sixteen Months to Socialized medicine, How about a Capitalist Stimulus to Pay for this mess.

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

The politicians spent 16 months fighting , quibbling , and arm twisting to pass this massive health care bill which no one has read. and which” we had to pass so that we can find out what is in the bill”.

O K , so it passed.

Now what?

Despite the phony optimism about the recovery of our ailing economy, I still find middle America is living on life support.

Business on Main Street is weak, and sinking further into the “red” with every passing day.

The health care bill is starting to add additional expenses to our bottom line, and the “benefits ” won’t show up for 4 or more years.

What are we supposed to do in the mean time?

The $ Trillion stimulus is a joke.

Not one penny has trickled down to the main stream private sector.

Construction is dead, retail sales are shrinking, the unemployment actual figures remain solidly in theĀ  mid 20’s, and housing is soft and desperately treading water (trying to keep from going under water)

The next wave of foreclosures is a 2 headed viper, coiled and ready to spring, with the commercial loan defaults, and the prime ARM’s due to begin phase II & III later in 20 10 and spilling over into 2011 and beyond.

Wall Street is having a great time, defying gravity, blowing in the wind, and blowing smoke up you know where.

The rich get richer, and those in power become more and more powerful and entrenched at the expense of us, you and me, the citizens of this great country, that sadly is sliding into Socialistic mediocrity at an alarming rate.