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To All My Loyal Readers Thank You

Monday, January 5th, 2009

My Dear Friends,

I have been writing this blog for a little over a year.

I am not very Internet savy, so what ever promotional things people normally do to get attention on the Internet…I did none of them, at least not intentionally.

Ipso Facto(I hope I spelled it correctly)  You must find me entertaining , informative, and I’m helping in some way.

At the beginning of what is sure to be a difficult year, I just wanted to say thank you.

Thank you for being loyal.

Thank you for getting it.

If any of you have any comments or questions.. Please ask.

You are family, or at least friends.

Happy Healthy New Year.

I’ll do my best to help.

Love You All

A Hippie on Wall Street an Excerpt from Charlie Champion, the Story

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008


                              This is an excerpt from a novel

                    The Life and Times of the Fabulous Charlie Champion

                                A Hippie on Wall Street

I have released only a very few excerpts from this novel. It is a work in progress; however, current events regarding Bernard L Madoff made this a reasonable time to release a very small taste for your  entertainment and edification.

                              *                                *                                   *

     Janet’s uncle, Joel J “Marty” Martin , was an Over The Counter (O T C ) trader. In the days before computers, that was a very different profession. In 1966 there was no NASDAQ, no modern computerized instant internet access, and none of the information technology that exists  today.

     In the Spring of 1966, I was a 20 year old junior at Hobart College and had recently reconnected with my highschool  sweetheart, Janet.

     I had met Janet’s Uncle “Marty”, the previous Christmas, at his New Years Day house party.

     Marty was in his late thirties, short, maybe 5’9″, wirey and very active physically. with a highly intelligent mind, quick wit, and an intense sharp tongue. He had thinning black hair and wore thick glasses. He had always distantly reminded me of Woody Allen, both in stature and persona.

     He was a truly strange man, difficult to get close to, but very likeable. His intensity was tempered by his wry sense of humor , and enabled him to define his personal space.

     Several years earlier, Marty had decided to go into business, opening his own OTC trading house..Joel J Martin & Co. They were professional market makers and traders, utilizing the pink sheets, and a World Wide network of friends and competitors, via telephone, telex, and wires.

     Marty, in order to reduce expenses while his new company was getting established, shared office space and the company back office with a friend and fellow trading professional, Bernard Madoff

     Bernard L Madoff and Assoc had been a successful one man trading company since the early 60’s, and Bernie and Marty had become friends and fellow market makers while Marty was training and working at Jersey City based trading house, M S Wein & Co.

     Since they were both one man trading firms, it was a natural fit for them to share an office, telephone systems, and back office personnel. Having another professional liscensed trader made work easier for both men.

     Through Janet, Marty asked if I would be interested in a summer job after the end of Spring semester.

     The opportunity to learn about Wall Street was exciting, and I gladly accepted.

                                  *                               *                               *

     The offices were located at 39 Broadway, on the 12th floor.

     Like a tourist I stopped in front of the building and looked up.

     ” Well here goes,” I thought with a touch of excitement.

     As I stepped off the elevator and walked down the hallway, the echo of my shoes on the polished terrazzo floor sounded loud in my ears.”This was the financial capital of the World!” I could hardly contain myself.

     I was about to be introduced to “The Street”.

     The energy of the place seemed to vibrate in the air. I was very excited, but had the self confidence that came with my youth and inexperience.

     As I approached the frosted glass door, I stopped and tugged nervously at my tie.

     Bernard L Madoff & Associates was printed on top.

     Joel J Martin & Co was below.

     Underneath was a large gold leaf arrow pointing down the hall.

     “Cashier” was printed in black block letters at the bottom.

      I ran my fingers through my long brown hair, patting it into place. i brushed at my slightly rumpled sport coat, then pushed at the door.

     The reception room was modest in size and content. A small glass top table served as a desk.  There was a plush Brown leather couch and a matching easy chair with a low coffee table in front.  On the edge was a copy of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and a copy of the Barrons.

     The room was empty, I could hear a man’s voice say something muffled and the sound of laughter echoed from an open door to my left.  ” Hey Joey, how about putting on some coffee?  My coffee tastes like mud. ”

     I glanced at my watch.  8:45.  I’m on time.  ” Hello”  I called out.  ” I’m looking for Joel Martin. ”

     The voices went silent.  ” Hi, can I help you ?”  The man walking through the door was slight in stature.  He had an olive complexion and his black hair was combed neatly to one side.  He was clean shaved and his dark eyes seemed to sparkle as he crossed the room.

      ” You must be Charlie Champion.”  He smiled and the room seemed to light up.  Marty told me to expect you today.  ” I’m Joe, Joe Flavio, spelled F as in Frank, A, L, V as in Victor, IO.”

     He chuckled and I felt compelled to laugh with him.  ”  That’s me, Charlie Champion. ”  I stuck out my hand to shake.  ” Nice to meet you, Joe.”

     He put his arm around my shoulders, ” Marty’s not here yet, he’ll be a little late, but he asked me to show you the ropes.”

     Ushering me into the doorway, he stopped beside me. ” Irwin, this is our new helper for the summer.”

     Irwin was a chubby clean shaven man. He appeared to be in his mid thirties. He was dressed in a light weight plaid cotton jacket and wrinkled pants. He had three pens in his breast pocket. His light brown hair was sparse, and brushed to one side to cover the balding spots.

     ” Irwin is Bernie Madoff’s cashier.’ Explained Joe. ” The cashier in a brokerage house is sort of an office manager, who reconciles the books, issues pairoffs and effects stock transfers.”

     He smiled an once again the room seemed to brighten. ” I’m Uncle Marty’s Head Cashier an chief bottle washer. If something needs to be reconciled, I’m the one who does it. At the end of every day, the long and the short positions must balance, and be reconciled with our bank. I am also responsible for NASD compliance.


Consider this a short teaser. I will publish a few additional pages of this time period and perhaps provide some insights as to how this all began.

The Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back, a Parable about An Economy in Distress

Monday, November 17th, 2008

There is an old Middle Eastern tale about a poor farmer.

He lived in a  mud and straw hut , with his wife and three teenage daughters.

He owned 3 old camels .

Twice a year, at the Spring and Fall solstice,  he would pack the camels with large bags of straw and wheat.

He would kiss his wife , hug his three daughters, and then he would set off  for the 10 hour trek to the market at Dandalia.

This was a very important trip for the poor farmer, who  hoped to sell his produce and earn enough money to keep his family alive for the next 6 months.

Upon arriving in Dandalia , he would join with farmers from all over the Province . He would then set up his assigned booth, and displayting his wares.

The market would last for two full days,.The crowds were boisterous and the din was deafening. By the end of the second day, the farmer would count up his meager earnings, repack the now  empty hemp  sacks, and  tie his three camels into a caravan.

The return trip home was always much quicker, because he and Gabor, his young helper could ride the tired old camels.

One morning the farmer awoke and  found his two neighbors waiting for him in the front yard.

They offerd the farmer  bags of straw as additional produce  to bring to market.He could keep 50% of the profits for his trouble. 

The farmer was excited. With the extra money he could keep his family secure and comfortable.

The day before Spring Solstice was  cool, with a brisk gusty wind.

The farmer brought out the three old camels, and proceeded to load his bags of straw, 

He looked at the camels. They were  pretty well loaded, but he was determined to pick up the additional freight from his neighbors.

He arrived at Abmar’s yard and found 8 additional bags waiting for him. 

The camels were  loaded with much argument and posturing.

The farmer and the heavily burdened camels walked to  Fardeneen’s yard

There he found Fardeen and five additional bags of straw.

Loading the camels required a ladder, a makeshift pulley assembly and also a great deal of  discussion.

Each camel in turn staggered as the additional burdem was placed on its back. Their knees trembled, and they shifted unsteadily.

“Well,” said the farmer,” I guess I’ll be on my way.” He shook his head,” I don’t think these camels could carry another ounce of freight.”

Just then, Fardeen’s 12 year old daughter, came running out of the house. She was holding a large straw doll wrapped in a scrap of pale grey cloth. It was 2 feet tall, and had been made by weaving stalks of straw together, then dyed and clothed.

“Daddy, Daddy” she gasped, her arms wrapped around the doll’s body to hold it steady. ” You promised I could sell Esmerelda at the Solstice Market. I need the money to buy cloth for my new clothes.Mother says I am turning into a little woman, and need larger more appropriate dresses.”

He turned to the farmer,” Well ? Will you take  the doll and sell it for my Mindlee?”

The farmer looked at the three ,seemingly unsteady , overburdned camels.” I’m afraid to add any further burder to these camels. They are important to feed my family. I don’t think they can carry another thing.”

Fardeen looked at the farmer. “Come on Hamoken, share the wealth. Give my little girl a chance to get some pretty cloth for dresses. We can’t afford the cloth unless she sells the doll.”

He shook his head. ” I don’t want to disappoint  you but these camels are carrying the burden for our entire community. Let someone else share his wealth. They can’t carry any additional burden.They’ll break down.”

The farmer looked up, and spied the local tax collector approaching from the East.

Tax collector Sninndl looked at farmer Hamoken and smiled. ” I am here on the Governors business. As I’m sure you know, the irrigation project failed due to sabotage from our enemies. We are now  faced with many new poor and starving residents.

It is the Governor’s decree, that a 25% tax will be placed on all new business above last years totals. 

 New business is to buy you a  luxury .That new wealth should be shared with those citizens who have the need.”

The farmer looked distressed.” After the extra cost for a slower trip and paying for the extra market space necessary, it will not be worth anything to carry all this extra weight.”

The tax collector sneered.” The Governor has already been told of this extra tax on your load in our report to his scribes. You will have to carry the load to earn the money to pay the tax, even if it does not pay you very much.”

The farmer’s shoulders sagged. He knew he was stuck. He was being forced to do all this extra work .

He turned to Mindlee and gave her a half smile.” Come on, give me your straw man, if we can carry all these taxes for government giveaways, we can carry a little more straw. After all, straw is so lite.”

He took the straw doll, and placed it carefully on  top of the lead camel’s pile of straw filled bags.

The camel turned its head toward the farmer, and gave him a long sad look.

They heard a crack, the camels back broke, and it keeled over…dead.

The moral of the story.Too much taxation is a backbreaker


Evolution and Creationism are not necessarily, mutually exclusive concepts

Monday, October 13th, 2008

          Evolution and Creationism are not necessarily mutually exclusive  concepts


                                     Charlie Champion   The fact that billions of years of evolution have created this world that we live on, does not negate or even slightly derail the fact that G-d does exist. Evolution and creation are not mutually exclusive, in fact they are highly compatible.  G-d in his infinite wisdom, and in His eternal struggle with the evil one, initiated  evolution , so that  a Universe and a planet Earth would evolve and populate with living things, G-d initiated Creation, ….the Miracle of Creation and the beautiful symmetry of the  evolution of life  proves His existence…. Because my body might have evolved from lower animals actually makes sense.  What makes noSense, is to tie the essence of Mankind and our souls , to being intertwined  with that animal existence. Our animal evolved/ human bodies are vessels for the soul that G-d created.  We are all involved in an eternal battle between Good and evil. The planet earth and mankind are all either warriors for Good, warriors for the dark one, or neutral s in training.     

Before the Beginning-The Big Bang

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

Before the Beginning , The Big Bang and other thoughts


Charlie Champion

Before the Beginning , existed THE ONE, THE ALL, THE CREATOR.

He was ready to create; to initiate existence.

He took a small piece of Himself. He applied a spark. A flash of brilliance.

The Bang, The Big Bang, THE BIG BANG ignited Creation. It expanded

exponentially, everywhere spreading , creating and evolving.. The Matter that had

been The One was now THE DAWN .

That original piece of the Creator that He had lovingly given to Creation was now part

of everything and everything was part of Him..

The emptiness that had been Pre-Creation was not pleasing to the Creator. He said,” LET

THERE BE LIGHT ” , and a billion,billion stars ignited, filling the void with spectacular


The Celestial Heavens exploded in a BIG BANG , an ever expanding rush of Creation..

The Life and Times of the Fabulous Charlie Champion*Preface/Pretext

Sunday, July 6th, 2008



The post World War II ” Baby Boomers “, growing up in the 5O’s and 60’s, were exposed to a socio economic environment, vastly different from the world of today.Familial stability was the norm. Most families consisted of a mother a father , and two children. The woman stayed home and took care of the children and the domicile. The man was the bread winner, getting up every morning, going to work, and returning home to his family every night.

Dinner time was 6 O’clock. The American family would sit down together and share a bonding experience,while discussing school, currents events and interesting gossip. These were things which we could always count on …….

The evening news on Channel 4 , N.B.C,. was straightforward and more verbal than visual . They were constantly looking for human interest stories to entertain and distract while treating journalism with the classic “man bites dog” philosophy.

Sports was a major segment of the news. In New York, baseball , was, and always has been king ..In those days,we had three Major League teams, The Brooklyn Dodgers, The New York Giants, and of course, The New York Yankees.The rivalries were intense, and involved Community pride, and passionate fans.

This was our escape into a better reality,the excitement of the “Boys of Summer”

Johnny Padres in 1955 winning the first Brooklyn World series 2-0 in Game Seven.

Don Larsen and his perfect game.

Sey Hey Willie Mays with his artistic pattented basket catch.

Don Drysdale and the immortal Sandy Kofax.

The Mick ,number 7 moving with effortless grace.

Campy, Pee Wee, The Scooter, Whitey et al..

.Simple times, happy memories.