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It must be great

Friday, May 17th, 2013

It must be great to break the law and get to retire with a pension and other perks rather than get sent to jail.

How do I get that kind of job?

Oh yeah,

Go to work for the Feds

This Fluke Smells Very Fishy

Monday, March 5th, 2012

The creation of a National hysteria revolving around a woman’s  ability to afford a $ 2.00 condom or a $9.00 purchase of birth control pills is fishy at best.

The fact that the woman is a $ 40000.00 / year Georgetown Law School student , living a free and easy life while working towards a post graduate job at some liberal law firm of political activist political committee  seems to be somewhat of a fluke in the context of modern society.

Your sexual activity and sexual orientation is your business.

Do what you want,but leave the rest of us alone.

We don’t care what you do in your bedroom, I pay for my private life, you pay for your’e.

You can “burn your bre, I will burn my underpants, .”

You don’t care about my actions, I sure don’t care about yours.

You would never have been my type, and I was never desperate enough to…well better not go there,  the press might jump on my case too.

A Perception of Our Future, The Good * The Bad* the Very Ugly* View # 3, The Very Ugly, part 2

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

The 7th year of the reign of Emperor Obama, begins with the passage of the Declaration of  Social Equality Act.(D S E A)

The Tea Party Rebellion of 2013 had  been crushed by the Emperor’s Red and Purple Berret’s..  The fighting had lasted fpr almost 18 months, with the Rebels finally  being forced from most cities and towns.

On the East Coast, the rebels had taken refuge in various mountain communities stretching from North Georgia to Western Virginia.

 The repeated warnings by right wing media on radio and the internet had prepared many for thr necessity to develop survival skills.

Sadly most of these voices had been stilled, but the message survived and resonated .

Conditions in these mountain strongholds is comparatively primitive, but their motto” Freedom ,Equality, Responsibility” , was the rallying cry of Liberty loving Americans.

The Progressives had attempted to confiscate Gold and Guns from the general population , resulting in numerous acts of violence.

The battles in the streets of American had spawned violence and death on a scale not seen since the Civil War.

The Emperors Red & Purples had been trained in tactical house to house combat. The Green Tea militia was fragmented and hard pressed to defend themselves against the relentless encroachment on their liberty.

The families of freedom loving Americans packed their cars, hitched up their trailers, and sadly but resolutelu said good bye to their homes and headed for the safety of Tea Top refuges in the mountains.

Ignore history and it will bite you in the butt, a Parable about Behavioral Insanity

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Economic History

Then & Now

A Parable about reckless behavior.

If we deny history

We are destined to repeat our mistakes.



The Roaring 1920’s and the economy


                 Forest  Parable

The 1920’s and the Roaring economy

Study history so we don’t make the same mistakes again


                      Charlie Champion  

The forest was filled with a cacophony of  excitement .

Times were good, and the living was easy.

Several years of plentiful rainfall, moderate winters,  and warm nurturing Springs had turned the forest  into a virtual paradise . 

Food was plentiful.

 The predators had been hunted nearly to extinction by the two legged’s. Those that were not killed had left  for the deep unknown forest  far far away.

The cries, squeaks, craws et. al., of the new babies filled the air .

No predators meant bigger families, but the bounty provided by Mother Nature kept all, well fed. 

The wise old Badger was the local  leader, but his stories and warnings were causing the younger animals  to loose patience . He had lived a long life and was experienced in the  ways of nature . He was concerned that the bad times would come back. The younger animals who had never experienced  the fury of Nature ,refused to believe him..

“Yes my friends.” he warned, ” many of you are young. You do not remember the hard times from before.”

He looked around the clearing.” The Winters are not always so easy. There have been many years when we’ve been plagued by severe drought. ”

   He shook his head sadly,”When the streams dry up, then hunger comes to the forest.”

” Oh go on old man!”  Patty Bunny stamped her foot.” Who has time for sad old stories. Old stories are boreing.”

” Don’t say that,”he responded sternly.”To ignore history is to run the risk of repeating your mistakes.”

“Boo on you” said Ronnie rabit.

“Enough already ,” rasped Willie Weasle,” Lets live the good life. It’s time to party.This is the way it’s always going to be.”

“yada ,ya, ya” They hopped off giggling  and whispering.

Several months passed. The Summer was a distant memory.

A large volcano errupted off the coast. The sky was turned grey almost 750 miles distant.

The weather patterns were  changed. A noticeable drop in temperatures became apparent.

The wild fruits and berries never fully ripened, the tubes and bulbs were underdeveloped.

It was 4 or 5 degrees colder, and..  it it almost never rained.

Food became scarce . No one was prepared.

There were not enough stored acorns.

No stockpiled food.

Shortages developed almost overnight.

And the predators returned!!! Driven by hunger spurred by the drout and the very cold winter.

The happy well fed party generation disappeared in an avalanche of change.

Painful change.

Society altering change.

The 1920’s and the Economy

Want to read more?

Just ask.

We Are the Angry old Men II

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

We Are The Angry Old Men II 



Charlie Champion


We are the angry old men

Hear us roar.

We are a lot smarter than we used to be.

Reality ,

Has forced us to learn the score.

Our bodies have gotten older

Sadly, thats no lie.

But we still have a great deal to accomplish

Before we are ready to die.

As a group we are highly adaptable..

We’ ve survived conflicts and war

Massive global upheavals

As well as social changes galore.

We’ ve seen economic boom

And we’ ve suffered economic gloom.

Our diversity has grown into a powerful steed

Our system has given us the freedom to succeed

There has always been one truth that is a constant through and through

Your skin color is irrelevant,

As long as you’re red, white, and blue.


God Bless America

Land That We Love

We Stand Beside HER

While YOU Guide Her

With YOUR Bright,Guiding Light

From Above

Charlie Champion is on the Way Back , Look for his Imminent Arrival

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

To those fans and readers who have missed my wit and insights ,

” Thank You for your Good Taste!!”

 ” Thank you for the loyalty and the notes and letters.”

I have gone through a rather dramatic upheaval in lifestyle, and my attention has been split in a myriad of directions. The changes are almost completed, and the World and the NEWS is beginning to drive me crazy…A good sign that the time to jump back in, is nigh.

I am no longer a resident of the North East.

 The Tri State region had been my home for a long time, and my house, located  in Long Beach , was as close to  an affordable Paradise as exists in that part of the Country.

Alas, high taxes both business and personal, and a debilitating recession, made it prudent and economically feasible, to move my business and  my family to the sunny South .

My new home is also a paradise, filled with the bounty of Southern beauty and hospitality. I have worked hard all of my life,and my new life is proof that the system works.

The opportunity to achieve and create afforded us by our Wonderful Country,is the greatest gift of all, because it gives all of Her citizens the freedom to achieve.

Free Enterprise and the Freedom to improve ourselves , is the foundation of this Great Nation. This liberty is in JEAPORDY  and must be defended at all costs.

Seeing the Beauty in Nature Helps Define the Soul of Man

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

 Ever since the day when our  first primitive Human ancestors stood up on two legs and surveyed  the world which would one day belong to His descendants,  Man has been struggling to control  his  environment.      

    Nature has ever been a source of conflict and danger.

    Competition with other animals for  food was the key to avoiding extinction.

    To eat and not be eaten, has always been a primary rule for survival.         

     Becoming a skilled hunter was important.  

     Developing the skills to avoid becoming the prey was a good idea. Life is much easier if you  live at the top of the food chain.        

     Humanity has learned to insulate itself from some of the ravages of nature.

     Animal skins, and other  types of clothing. helped Man to adapt to and survive more extremes of nature.          

     The Human Animal has always been inventive, utilizing the bounty of Nature to elevate Himself  above the other competing species that inhabit his world .

     Caves and trees as safe havens for shelter. 

     Bodies of water as  boundry’s and barriers for protection.

     Rivers as a means of transportation.   

     Sticks and rocks made effective weapons in the hands of an upright biped with a moveable  thumb     

     As human brain capacity evolved, humanity became the dominant species  on the Planet and was able to excert more and more control of  His environment.          

     The evolution of man’s soul and the emergence of his consciousness saw Man begin to develop an awareness of himself as an individual  entity, enabling him to relate to his peers as well as to the natural environment which was his home.

     Having evolved from nature, Man must learn to live in harmony with his world.

     Domination is a responsibility as well as a privilidge.

A parable, Fat Louie, the duck with gout, seeks fowl health care.

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Fat Louie was getting old.

He was a fat white duck, and he was suffering with the gout.

He had contracted the gout as a result of eating rich human  foods thrown into the lake at Snapfinger Woods Estates, a complex east of Atlanta.

Snapfinger lake was  man made, as an  amenity for the residents of the condominium complex.

Louie had been top duck when he was younger.

His flock consisted of 12 adult ducks in the spring,usually  expanding to 17 or 18 by fall.

His superior swimming ability ensured that  Louie would be the first to reach the food.He loved to showoff his  speed, and he really loved the morsels that his humans threw into the lake.

The gout is a painful form of arthritis that develops from excessive consumption of rich foods. In ducks this results in elevated levels of uric acid, which can crystallize and form painful deposits in a ducks webbed feet or ankles.

In Louie’s case the crystals settled in his right ankle causing pain and a difficulty in swimming and walking.

The gout is known as the rich ducks disease.

Ducks in the wild, subscribe to the adage,” survival of the fittest”. When Louie developed his painful affliction,the flock turned on their leader.He was chased away and forced out of the water.

Louie   spent his days alone,on dry land, He became a clown,waddling around the Snapfinger Woods grounds.  When he saw a potential  food suplier he would go into his pathetic quacking act ,hobbling with great effort. The “awwws” invariable turned into more food for Louie.

As the seasons passed, Louie became fatter and fatter. He was very lonely .

One day he looked at his reflection in the water. ” Louie, your getting old,” he said to himself. ” I think its time to get my leg fixed.”

The Greater Atlanta Duck Association (GADA) had passed the Universal Fowl Health Reform Act of 09 (UFHRA ’09) . According to GADA, every duck in the greater Atlanta area would recieve  free premium government supplied health care .

” Health care on demand. I’m ready  to get treatment for my gout. ” Fat Louie quacked. ” I’m getting old, and its time for me to get back into the water. Maybe I can even find an old Daisey to keep me warm in the winter.”

Fat Louie went to the GADA satellite office in Stone Mountain.

Two very pretty an very young Dasie’ s greeted him at the front door. “Hello Mr Louie,” they quacked. ” Please wait over there and we will add your name to the list.

Fat Louie walked through the door that they indicated.

It was a very large and very noisy room filled with several thousand assorted fowl.

The noise was deafening. There were birds of every species and every age from hatch lings to the very old.

There were wires and roosts filled with  waiting patients and the ground was crowded with non flying birds .

The floor was covered with upward of a foot of  poop, and the cacophony of  hoots, caws,quacks and assorted bird calls was deafening.

Louie looked around for someone in charge.

The scene was chaotic, and finally Louie found a small group of white ducks off to the side,

He waddled towards them glad for some familiar ducks.” Hello everyone. My Name is Louie, Fat Louie. When do I get to see the doctor?”

The group of white ducks looked at him for a moment then all began to quack at once.

” Hold on, one at a time please, I can’t understand you all talking at the same time.”

An elderly gentleman with molting feathers and a pair of spectacles perched on his nose, stepped forward.” I’m Daniel Duck. and  I have been  here the longest, so I suppose I qualify as a spokesman.”

“How do I get to see the Doctors? How long will this take? I have things to do at home this evening”

Daniel looked at him and shook his head” I’ve been here waiting to see a doctor about my failing kidneys for almost two weeks.”

“Why so long?” asked Louie,” I thought  UFHRA guaranteed us free medical care.”

“It does my friend, it does. The problem is that there are not enough doctors, and most of the good ones have gone away to other cities. Because of the shortages, the government has prioritised our access to medical care based upon our are, and the cost of treatment. ” He had a sad look in his  eyes.

” You see, I’m old, and not worth very much to the greater good, so they keep putting me at the back of the line. Eventually I’ll get a turn, but the fird flu that has hit Atlanta is keeping the nurses and doctors busy with younger more cost effective patients

They figure I don’t have much time left anyway.”

“Universal free health care my aching right foot,” squawked Louie, and he waddled out of the room and headed towards home so that he could at least die in his own pond.

The business cycle is like the cycle of life

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

The business cycle is like the cycle of life.

It is born.

It learns how to walk. 

It reaches maturity.

It blossoms .

It grows old .

Eventually it must die.

Business cycles tend to follow credit cycles.

When credit is available, people borrow and spend today for things that they might otherwise not purchase until tomorrow.

Your current automobile might be only 3 years old, and in decent condition for another 3 or 4 years, but easy credit tends to encourage the consumer to buy a new car before it is necessary.

On a macro scale, when credit flows, and people spend on future necessities today, business makes profits, hires new employees , spends more on technology, expands facilities and  helps to generate growth.

When credit cycles contract, a new direction is created. Borrowing shrinks, spending contracts, savings go up and debt is reduced. Businesses contract, increase layoffs, and delay spending.

The last major credit shift experienced by the U S economy shifted to an expansion mode in the early 80’s. The Greenspan and Reaganomics agendas saw an expansion of available credit  which grew virtually unchecked until 2006-2007.

We are currently in the early stages of a Credit Contraction Cycle(CCC)

This is not a temporary pause in an ongoing expansion. We have shifted into a new direction.

The duration of this type of cycle typically lasts for an extended number of years and results in bankruptcies, foreclosures and unemployment.

The Great Depression of the 1930’s is usually shown as the standard of CCC economics, but we experienced similar but lesser extreme contractions in the 1960’s and 1970’s, with Nixon’s taking us off the gold standard as a rapid slide into Stagflation.

This is not a “bad recession” as the experts claim, hoping to keep us calm while our economy unravels.

 We are i n a Depression. It is just beginning, and it will feel more difficult because there is an entire generation of Americans who have never experienced bad times.

Savings have increased from 0% to just over 7% in slightly over 1 year, and demand is contracting because there is less money to spend.

The Administration is trying to add demand by spending money at a super record pace, but  cask for clunkers and various stimulus spending sprees are just moving money from one place to another.

 Demand is not being generated, that will only come when new wealth is created and wages and employment increases.

Unfortunately that will take years, a major shift to expending credit once again, and of course a great deal of contracting and suffering in the interim.

Those are not green shoots, they are just garden variety weeds

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

The green shoots that the Administration was trumpeting as the beginning of an economic renaissance,  ended up succumbing to too many weeds, too much watering, and way too much fertilizer.

The government is displaying a stiff upper lip, and has enlisted the aid of Wall Street in an attempt to put a positive spin upon a deteriorating market.

Companies are exceeding  lowered  expectations, with shrinking numbers of employees, reducing  overhead to make “less gross sales” look like more profits.

The stark reality is that the government  Bureau of Labor Statistics is cooking the books on unemployment and the state of the economy.

If you count unemployment as is used to be calculated, the picture that they paint as 9.5% unemployment is vastly different and much more ominous.

The real number of unemployed Americans is close to  30 million people, or nearly 20% of the work force. When you compare this statistic to the unemployment figure of approximately  25% during the Great Depression which occurred 3 or 4 years after the 1929 market crash, you can see more rough times ahead.

The bleak statistics are ominous because we are just at the beginning  of the spreading recession/depression.

The disparity between government statistics and reality are created by the following deceptive reporting methods.

#1. People who have used up their unemployment benefits and are no longer collecting, are not counted.

#2. The people who receive the extended emergency unemployment benefits granted by congress are not counted.

#3. They are taking small business job creation estimates and have projected them as actual jobs. In reality, the small businesses are getting taxed and squeezed out of business, or have been forced to contract, not expand .There is easily a large net loss not increase in small business hiring.

#4. People forced to take part time jobs to survive, are counted as employed by the government.

Any trip to shopping malls, Main Street America, and most commercial and industrial areas of any city will show dramatic and massive closing of small businesses.

AVAILABLE  and FOR Rent signs are everywhere and the numbers are growing. This is causing the beginning of another real estate mortgage crisis. The commercial property default,

And the slide continues.

More on the Prime Adjustable Rate Mortgage(PARM) later.