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The Giants, Big Blue, because of the temperature.

Friday, January 18th, 2008

They are predicting 0*-10* farenheit in Green Bay at 6 P.M. on Sunday evening, with a brisk wind that could produce wind chill temperatures  as low as -15*.Yeowwww, That’s cold!!! At those type of temperatures,  the air in the ball is sluggish, and the ball feels harder, and is definitely denser/heavier.

Kicking the  ball has to feel like kicking a rock,and forget about throwing a pass, or how about catching an elongated ice ball…ouch.

I can’t believe as a long suffering New York sports nut,that there is actually something of a passionate nature to keep me riveted at this time of year.The Knicks suck and have for so long I’ve forgotten how much I loved them,The Nets are a puzzle,and I hope the imminent return of their young starting center will turn things around,but right now they suck too,

I’m a passing hocky dillatante,so those teams don’t count, BUT

Dear Giants, please be True Blue,and not  blue from the cold.