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Perceptions of Our Future * The Good * The Bad * The Very Ugly* View #1 The Good

Monday, July 11th, 2011


                                       VIEW # 1 THE GOOD

Word leaders have an epiphany and come to the realization that keeping interest rates artifically low , is having the effect of destroying their currencies.

Cheap money and flooding the markets with unbacked paper currency is having the effect to diluting the wealth of their citizenry.

The resulting creeping inflation is lowering the living standards worldwide.

This is  creating scarcity as more paper chases a finite amount of consumables, including food, fuel, and clean water.

The realization that we are creating a scenario where bailouts will continue to grow, leads out wise leaders worldwide, to make a series of dramatic fiscal decisions, beginning with a return to a gold backed currency.

Interest rates are allowed to rise, and ” Too Big ti Fail” becomes ” Too Big and Expensive to Save.”

The Federal Reserve is closed and a return to Fiscal Responsibility is reluctantly agreed to by the President and Congress.

There are massive protests, and disruptions in the economy resulting in the Government downsizing for the first time in 100 years.

Useless and duplicate departments are closed.

Many taxes are lowered or eliminated.

40% of Federal employees are let go.

The Military closes 90 % of foreign bases, and brings the troops home.

The war on drugs is ended, and crime rates in Mexico, and the United States drops radically.

Controlled devaluation of the dollar  is instituted, and much of out national debt is brought into line by the painful readjustment of our economy to a sustainable level of work and direct reward.

When our entreprenurial spirit is allowed to grow without heavy regulations, our economy begins to respond.

Our GDP embarks upon a decade of unprecedented growth, reaching 6-7% a year, and ushering the new Golden Age of Civilization.

We Are the Angry old Men II

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

We Are The Angry Old Men II 



Charlie Champion


We are the angry old men

Hear us roar.

We are a lot smarter than we used to be.

Reality ,

Has forced us to learn the score.

Our bodies have gotten older

Sadly, thats no lie.

But we still have a great deal to accomplish

Before we are ready to die.

As a group we are highly adaptable..

We’ ve survived conflicts and war

Massive global upheavals

As well as social changes galore.

We’ ve seen economic boom

And we’ ve suffered economic gloom.

Our diversity has grown into a powerful steed

Our system has given us the freedom to succeed

There has always been one truth that is a constant through and through

Your skin color is irrelevant,

As long as you’re red, white, and blue.


God Bless America

Land That We Love

We Stand Beside HER

While YOU Guide Her

With YOUR Bright,Guiding Light

From Above

Wally Woodchuck Gets Stimulated by an “Economic Stimulus Package” a parable about Fiscal Irresponsibility

Thursday, October 14th, 2010


Charlie Champion


Wally Woodchuck was full of himself. He was cool, he knew it, and anyone who didn’t recognize his coolness was very uncool.

If you had any doubts about Wally’s specialness, just ask him..” I’m hip, I’m Cool. Lay it on me , baby” He would reply, looking down his nose at such a plebeian question.

Several months ago, while surfing the City garbage dump, Wally had found a pair of discarded, Barbie doll , sun glasses. They were oversized by woodchuck standards, but with the help of a length of salvaged wire, they were able to perch precipitously on the bridge of his nose.

Wally looked at his reflection in a pool of water, ” These glasses are the final touch.” He thought. ” I’m much too fine to do any woodchucking. That type of work is only for suckers and regular Woodchucks.. The other Woodchucks should feed me and take care of all my health and wealth needs.

After all” He continued,” I’ ve worked very hard at being too cool to work. It’s much more fun to drink with my friends, chase after females in heat, and get free food from public storage during the Winter.”

He ambled over to the local wood pile, and leaned against a stump.

There was a group of 10 or 12 woodchucks busy at work, chucking the wood into ragged piles.

His noticed three of his buddies working as part of the group.

He snickered as Warren Woodchuck picked up a length of tree limb.” Hey Willie , look at sexy Wanda Woodchuck.” He pointed off to his right.

When Willie Woodchuck looked away, searching for Wanda, Warren chucked the branch he was holding, landing a glancing blow at the back of Willies head.

” Hey who did that?” Growled Willie, in mock anger. ” Who hit me in the head?” He looked around the work group, while reaching down to pick up a clod of mud.

As Willie straightened up, he threw the muddy clump aiming at Warren’s head.

Seeing the approaching mud ball, Warren ducked. The mud ball sailed over his head and hit group leader Winston, smack in the snout.

The ensuing melee lasted far too long, and left several members of the group nurseing injuries, effectively ending any any additional work getting done.

Still chuckling, Wally went over to his friends.” Look at you guys! What a sight.” He shook his head,.” You all certainly made a mess. All the wood that you chucked is gone, mashed in with the mud.”

Willie’s black nose glistened with moisture, and a splatter of brown mud. ” What do you think we should do, Wally? The Union leaders, and their supervisors will be angry that we ruined all this work.” He rubbed his mouth. ” I chucked so much wood that my teeth hurt.”.

” Who are you kidding?” Sneered Wally. “Your teeth hurt because Winston Woodchuck smacked you in the mouth for hitting him with that mud.”

Willie looked sheepish. ” Perhaps you are right. So what do we do to fix this mess?”

” We go to the Union Hall and talk to Wingo. He’s our representative to the Bosses. They can’t do anything without Wingo’s O K .You know that.”

Willie sighed . ” I forgot. Things have changed so much since the World economy crashed two years ago.Everything is so different.So easy. They tell us what to do. When and how to do it, I get tax rebate checks even if I don’t work.”

Wally Woodchuck nodded in agreement. “As long as the Red Woodchuck’s United party remains in power, we can’t get fired.Our share of the Annual Spending Stimulus (A . S . S . ) Pays for our food. Takes care of our landlord. Pays for our health care. We get a monthly stimulus payment. ” He looked at his friend.” And if we mess up at work, our union covers our ASS.”

Warren walked over and joined his friends. Reaching out he patted Willie on the back.” Wally’s right” He said.” Let someone else clean up the mess. There are plenty of woodchuck’s wanting to work.Let them do it if they are so industrious.. Hard work and responsibility are such old fashioned concepts. .”

” Right on baby,” Said cool Wally. The sunlight bounced off his shades, rendering his eyes invisible.” Pre bailout is pase. Give me my stimulus, and let me go play.Working is for squares.Let someone else do it”

He thought about it for a moment, then smiled.” Yes thats it, Let someone else do it. Our New motto. Let someone elase do it.”

Warren and Willie picked up the chant. “Let someone else do it!” They shouted in unison.”Let someone else do it.”

The Economic Rescue and Stimulus Package.(E.R.S.P.) had accomplished its goal.

Woodchuck ambition and innovation had been replaced by government employment. Everyone got a job. Working was optional.

Healthcare was available to every person in the Country, and the quality was equally low and slow for all.

The standard of living was permanentally lowered, but no citizen was forced to work for their lowered standard.

And of course, most important of all,THE RED WOODCHUCKS UNITED party( TRWU) was the benevolent orchestrator of out welfare, safety, and what we can think from now on.

A very comforting thought.




One World Economy Who’s World will it be?

Friday, October 9th, 2009

      Hi. I’m Charlie Champion and I am coming to you as a write in candidate for President.

     I have chosen to run as a write in candidate for President because I have grown to distrust out political system.

      It feels like there is a very sneaky , subversive  agenda  being fostered on the American public.

     The Socialization of our society is in full swing, robbing the individual of incentive to achieve and create.

     With the development of International corporations, and  the globalization of  wealth and production,  our leaders, both Republicrats and Demopublicans  have been leading us on a long sloping path towards a One world economy.

      Out sourcing, open borders, NAFTA, CAFTA, the elimination of duty on many imports, the clues are everywhere.. The money funding so many of our politicians   and their political campaigns appears to pour in from foreign sources.

     Our major industries are being nationalized. The banks, the Auto manufacturers, now they are after health care .

     The ascendancy of socialism has empowered the labor unions, and their loyalty transcends borders.

     If not a world economy, then certainly a North American Union, possibly Western Hemisphere.

    International corporations survive and prosper but how about us?

       Natural resources from Canada, manufacturing with cheap labor in Mexico or Central America is great for corporate profits and wealthy  CEO’s, but what happens to  your Everyman USA citizens? What do we get out of a World wide economy?

      Nothing good!!!  Very little is manufactured here anymore. We are being turned into a nation of  working drones ..Our freedoms are being eroded, and  our living standards are dropping , while   World leadership and World Economic Emperors of Industry get richer and more powerful.
         Unemployment is growing, our home values are crashing, yet our leaders point to an artificially inflated Stock Market as a sign that all is getting better .

     The best Nation in history is being taken away from us.


     We are being turned into a Nation of  slaves many working from paycheck to paycheck. We are becoming mindless workers!


     I DON’T THINK SO!!! I’m no DRONE!!!!


     I’m mad as Hell at what I see coming !! Enough is enough.

    Vote for Charlie Champion for President . This insidious plot must be thwarted.

    Free enterprise not socialism.

     America the Beautiful.

Fat Louie, a duck with gout, a parable about fowl economic stimulus

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Louie was a fat, fluffy, white duck.

He lived on a small private lake, east of Atlanta.

The lake was man-made as an amenity for a small condominium community of rustic, 2 story wooden apartments  known as Snapfinger Woods Estates.

The creek that ran through the small wooded area was known as Snapfinger Creek  and, hence, the name Snapfinger Woods Lake.

When Louie was younger he was the head duck of a small flock  that claimed Snapfinger Lake as their home.

In the Spring, the flock usually consisted of 12 – 14 adults  and would expand to 18-20 by the end of the Summer.

The residents of Snapfinger Estates loved to feed their flock of ducks.  They would throw bread and stale cakes into the water and watch as the ducks raced for the food.

Louie being the leader and the fastest swimmer, usually got to the food first  and he would gobble the morsels in a splashing frenzy of duck gluttony.

As the seasons passed, Louie got bigger and fatter from eating all the rich human foods.

One morning he woke up and realized his right leg hurt. It was swollen and painful for paddling. Louie had the gout.

The Ducks, being wild birds and advocates of the premise “survival of the fittest”  quickly fired Louie from his position of head duck  and expelled him from the community lake.

Louie was devastated.  For weeks he wandered around the Snapfinger Woods Apartments common areas and the parking lots.

He would waddle, dragging his right  foot for sympathy.     The residents  took pity on Louie and continued to feed him.

The following Fall, the greater economy of the Nation fell into a deep recession and many of the human residents of the Snapfinger Woods Apartments lost their jobs.

Fat Louie’s sources of  gratis food became increasingly difficult to find.

He decided that it was time to go to work ,  so that he could afford to buy his own food.

” What can an enterprising, hungry duck with the gout do to earn a living?” He  thought to himself.

“Of course!”  he quacked, ” Humans love down pillows! …And… Who knows more about down  than a duck?”

Louie did some investigating and found that there were 10 duck -owned, Down production facilities in the greater Atlanta area, employing over 10,000 ducks.

During a bad recession, demand for down pillows and comforters is sluggish, but Louie didn’t  care.  He had a business plan to establish himself and his flock as the Down Kings of  Georgia.

He contacted the Greater Atlanta Duck Association( GADA) and requested a meeting with their Drake  financial chief .

Over the years, the Federal Government had been a major recipient of bird droppings, which was valued as fertilizer .  Louie proposed that GADA call in some political favors.

The Congress and the President had appropriated massive amounts of money as part of several stimulus packages to help fight the recession.

Louie proposed a joint venture with GADA to get some stimulus money for a proposed new down factory.

With $3 million of Federal stimulus money, Louie opened a brand new state of the art down factory.

The new factory, with the massive influx of cash,  had a major competitive edge over the more established and conservative down factories.

Soon, Louie’s factory was growing geometrically and he was able to hire 4000 ducks .  He squeezed most of his competitors out of business  by lowering his prices. After they were out of business, Louie raised his prices by 50%.  After all,  he no longer had any competition.  He DID  have all that stimulus money helping to subsidize his operation though.

The net result of the government stimulus program:

6000 lost jobs.

Hundreds of thousands of $ lost tax revenue from former down manufacturers.

A heavy increase in unemployment insurance claims by the ducks of Atlanta.

Fat Louie got fatter yet, and his gout got worse.

Ragnor the Hunter, Warrior Chief of the Michenga Nation, 9000BC

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Ragnor the Hunter was the warrior chief of the Eastern Michenga Clan.

He was on a hunting trip, and was accompanied by a dozen of his personal warrior elite. They were exploring some of the Hazy Granit Mountains which formed the North Eastern boundary of the Michenga lands.

In an unexplored region bordering on the Southern edge of the Great Forest, they found  lands rich in game and wildly dramatic terrain. The retreating glaciers had cut deep gorges and left many icy cold swift running rivers and deep pools.

It had been a successful trip. The litter was filled with pelts and meat, but Ragnor was worried and somewhat anxious to leave their base camp.

Just that morning one of his warriors had discovered a hidden path through the mountains. It appeared  to originate  in the Great Eastern wastlands  bordering the Great Forest.

The path appeared to hug the contour of  the retreating mountains, and was carefully hidden from  view of the Michenga scouts and lookouts.

There were signs of recent Mongol traffic. A raiding party had passed there maybe 3 days earlier. The party consisted of  40 warriors. They were following the path along the base of the mountains, and had taken care to cover their tracks.

Ragnor the Barbarian, Warrior Chief of the Michenga Nation,North America 9000BC

Saturday, July 11th, 2009
The Michenga Nation, began as a defensive alliance formed between 5 related family tribes
Their honored ancestors had emigrated to the area, gradually ,over the previous 2000 years.They were a nomadic people,constantly on the move, following the migrating herds of mastodon,giant bison, camels, and wild horses.

They were periodically being pushed from behind by their sworn enemies, the savage Mongol nomads. First across the vast Steppes of Asia, traversing the Bering Straights, then spreading throughout the Americas, the Mongol lust for blood and slaves kept the two peoples in a constant state of war.

The Michenga were a proud peaceful people, slow to anger but skilled fighters when aroused.The Mongols forced them to hone their warrior skills.

The final retreat of the glaciers had left the far northern tundra of North America bereft of much vegetation and game.Starvation and death pushed the herds of herbivores and subsequently the predators south.

The increasing encroachment on their lands from the North by the barbaric tribes of slant eyed wild men known as Mogol, had resulted in the death of many good warriors, and the theft of several fertile women.

As individual tribes, the Michengas were too scattered and weak. In unity there was strength.

The North American topogrophy of 11 thousand years ago was vastly different. The area that is now the North American Great Lakes region was a large inland sea, created by the invasion and subsuqently the retreat of the glaciers during the previous ice age.

The valley of the Michenga lay between the Majestic Sea and the low mountain range to the east. There were dense, game rich forests to the east,encroaching on the foothills of. the mountains. The valley extended southward turning into rolling plains of fertile dark soil inhabited by herds of wild buffalo, giant elk, and wooly mamoth.

The northern terrain was largely rocky with very little topsoil and sparse vegitation. The future lush forrests of the far north were still engaged in a struggle for survival with a retreating frozen environment. .

Ragnor the Hunter was the Warrior Chief of the Eastern, Mountain Michenga Clan..



Bernie Madoff off to jail, Wall Street false rally

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

As I have told you before(see Charlie Champion on Wall Street) Bernie Madoff, and my x wife’s uncle, gave me my start on Wall Street in the late 1960’s.

I learned to be an O T C trader sitting between Bernie Madoff, and Marty Joel at an old wooden trading desk, with 10 incoming  phone lines and maybe 50 dirct lines to other firms and order desks. This was at 39 Broadway , just around the corned from Wall Street.

This was in the days before NASDAQ, and the action was exciting and very active.

I learned a great many lessons which have helped me to think quickly and react with alacrity throughout my life.

I also learned the value of my word  and the importance of integrity .

The revalation last fall that one of my teachers had fallen so far and perverted his repuation so deeply is a source of shame and embarassment to all good people everywhere.

Greed is an easy lure to the Dark Side, and Bernie surely is on his way to his just rewards in this life and beyond.

Sorry day , in a sorry week, in a sorry month of what promises to be a VERY sorry year.

The Winter that wouldn’t end,How Fat Louie the Duck Froze his Tail Feathers a Parable about Global Warming

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Fat Louie was a fat fluffy white duck. He lived in a man made pond  called Snapfinger Woods Lake.The pond was located east of Atlanta, and had been created as an amenity for the residents of Snapfinger Woods Estates, a small failed condominium complex that had gone broke,and been converted to rental units.

Fat Louie was called Fat because he was the fastest swimmer of the 12 to 14 ducks who called Snapfinger Woods Lake their home. Every day, the human residents would throw bread, cake, pizza  crusts, and other assorted unhealthy foods into the pond.

The ducks would race  for the food. Fat Louie being the fastest, would usually get there first. He would eat,and eat,and eat some more. Soon,Louie was the fatest duck in the pond.

When Fat Louie developed the gout as a result of eating too much rich food, he was forced out of the pond by the rest of the flock, who considered him defective due to his infirmity.

Following several years of unusually heavy rainfall,Atlanta, and the Southeast in general had suffered through a fairly severe drought, reaching a  high or perhaps low point during the Summer.

When Fat Louie’s recently purchased overflow culvert/home dried up, he defaulted on his mortgage, and lost his home to foreclosure  becoming part of the  subprime statistic.The bad luck of a recession and the untimely drought had  hurt everyone .

Even a fat white duck.

The low water levels and lean times resulted in Fat Louie dropping some  weight. His gout disappeared.and as a result,the other ducks allowed him back into  Snapfinger Woods Lake.

Halloween night in Atlanta was unusually chilly. The  trick or treaters were forced to wear sweaters and jackets, a most unusual occurence that early in the season. The children argued, the parents grumbled, and everyone  shrugged it off as an aberration. After all  global warming was bringing elevated temperatures  and melting ice caps.

Just not this year.

Fat Louie’s downe came in thicker and earlier than in past years.

Fat Louie was invited to a family reunion by his cousins in New York .The reunion was an annual affair usually lasting   for most of the month of November. Donald and Donna Duck, were residents of Hempstead Lake State Park, and this year was New York’s turn to host the festivities.

Donald and Donna had been planning the event starting the day that last years ended. They caught a ride back to Long Island , from Minnesota’s Thousand Lakes, on a poulty truck.  The meetings and committee formations  began as soon as they reached their home.

Accommodation’s and food for several thousand relatives had to be balanced with ecological concerns.

Preserving Nature was a fowl obligation,and the Duck family took it seriously.

November was always the chosen month.It was  Fall yet still mild enough to  allow the family time to migrate  to Wintering destinations before it became too cold to travel.

Fat Louie and 2000- 2500 of his relatives descended upon Hempstead Lake State Park shortly after Halloween.

The weather in New York was also cooler than usual, and became very cold midway through the month.

The celebrations were attended with great enthusiasm by most members of the Duck family, but several of the wild cousins sensing the onset of early Winter , organized their flight formations, and left for winter homes in warmer climates.

By Thanksgiving, the cold blast of winter chill accompanied by blustery winds and single digit wind chills, took the joy out of the Duck family reunion .

The day following Thanksgiving, the assembled Ducks awoke to the news that Grandpa Quillion Duck, the Duck family elder had died of frost during the night.

The panic spread like a Chicken Hawk on the prowl.

The Duck  family took to flight, knocking into each other  , flying in panicked circles.

The cold weather had come early . Heading south was a matter of life and death.

On the lake, some cooler heads prevailed.” Let them go”quacked Fat Louie.” This is the age of global warming.

This cold weather is just an accident. 

Probably the coldest day of the year.”

Epilogue: The winter that seems endless is still dragging on.

 Record cold weather has lingered from Halloween night (Oct.31st) almost without respite.

Multiple layers and wearing hats has become more of a necessity less a fashion statement.

And its only the end of February.

Well the good news is that despite the prolonged uninterrupted cold, we havn’t had very much snow. Snow would make things really miserable.

If it wasn’t for global warming we would really be in trouble.

Maybe even be into a new Ice Age.

Fat Louie, a Duck With Gout, a Parable about Fowl Health Care

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Louie was an old fat fluffy white duck.

He lived in a small private lake east of Atlanta. The lake was man made as an amenity for a small  condominium community of two story rustic wooden apartments, known as Snapfinger Woods Estates.

The Lake was appropriately named Snapfinger Woods Lake.

At one time, when Louie was younger, he was the head duck of the small flock which claimed Snapfinger Lake as their year round private residence.

During the Spring, the flock consisted of  12 – 14 adults, and would expand to 18 – 20 by the end of  Summer.As the young left during the Fall and Winter, the flock would settle back to the core members, looking to Louie for leadership and content with the easy life of  a controlled environment.

The human residents of Snapfinger Woods Apartments would regularly feed Louie and his flock. Children loved to throw bread and cake crumbs into the lake, laughing with glee as Louie and his companions raced to be the first to reach and consume the morsels.

Louie being the lead duck, was the strongest and fastest swimmer of the flock.

When the humans threw food into the lake, Louie was always the first to get there, and invariably, he would eat and eat and eat. Only when he was stuffed would the rest of the flock get a chance at the bread , cake, and other delicacies offered.

Louie loved to show off how fast he could swim.

As the seasons passed, Louie found himself growing older and fatter. He was consuming increasingly large quantities of human food, and his once sleek muscular body began to expand, turning to duck flab.

One morning Louie woke from a deep sleep, his right foot pulsing with a dull throb. He tried to ignore the pain, quacking loudly to let his human providers know  that he was awake and hungry.

He moved his webbed feet, as ducks do, to begin swimming, while flapping his wings for speed and stability.

The pain in his foot intensified to a steady throb, and Louie was forced to stop trying to swim.

The other drakes, noticing Louie’s plight, began quacking and swimming  in circles. When the humans threw food, they quickly chased after the breakfast, leaving Louie sitting dead in the water.

One human began throwing bread towards Louie  , attempting to help him get a chance at some food.

He slowly and painfully paddled towards the bread, but the other ducks seeing his movement, turned and headed towards the floating food.

First one  and then another of the young males bumped into Louie, roughly shoving him out of the way.

“Quack, Quack, you’re damaged. ” They shouted,” You get no food. Only healthy ducks get to stay with the flock.”

” Why?” croaked Louie, feeling hungry and somewhat frightened. ” I’m lead duck.”

” Not anymore,” They quacked in unison,” Damaged ducks can not be part of the flock, Haven’t you ever heard of Charles Darwin, or Survival of the fittest?  ”

Sadly, for the first time in his life, Louie felt alienated and alone.He had become a victim of his position of lead duck, He had been too good and too competitive. He had always  been first to get fed, earning human applause and rewards for being the best and the fastest.

Sadly, now, his reward for being  more successful and competitive  was a very painful case of the gout.

The other ducks had always resented his success.

Louie was forced to leave the pond which he had ruled for most of his life.

Louie was faced with the most humiliating punishment possible  for being a successful duck. He was banished from the flock and forced to live on land, painfully waddling along the edge of the lake, his gout swollen right foot, a symbol of his fall from mediocrity.

He went to the next flock meeting of the Greater Atlanta Duck Association(GADA) to ask for help.

A large Gander, with a very long neck and narrow  limpid brown eyes looked  down his beak at the obviosly uncomfortable Louie, balancing unsteadily on his good leg.

“Stand still and lower your eyes when addressing  GADA. ” He huffed with disdain. ” We have very limited resources to cure injured ducks, especially older fat ducks such as yourself.”

He paused, looking very annoyed that Louie had had the nerve to ask the council for a cure, “We find you too old. The cure will be too expensive and must be saved  for more worthy younger members of the flock. Henceforth you will be known as Fat Louie, and will be forced to live out the rest of your days on land, so as not to contaminate or hinder the rest of the masses.”

Fat Louie lived for several more seasons, largely at the largess of the human residents of Snapfinger Woods Apartments. His wealth and position was spread among the others in his pond.

Once again the system had worked. The good of the many superceded the good of the individual. 

When the humans took pity on Fat Louie and continued to feed him on land, many of them lost interest in the ducks still in the pond and ceased feeding them.

A human recession helped to bankrupt Snapfinger Estates, and  the complex was sold to a developer who drained the pond and built a small office building and parking lot where the pond had been.

Fat Louie continued to live on dry land and the secretaries took pity on the fat duck with the bad right foot, and continued to feed him cakes and cookies, until his death from escalated cholesterol several summers later.

Moral of the Story: Sometimes being the best and the fastest gets you promoted to your own exclusive club.

                                           And sometimes it’s a pain in the  . a..  foot.