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To Get Reelected, All Options are on the Table

Friday, June 8th, 2012

            Beware the
Ides of Fall


As the Presidential election looms ever closer, the
prospects for  the Presidents reelection
are becoming  more cloudy.


The economy is drifting.


Unemployment is stubbornly high.


The psyche of the Nation is in turmoil.


We are being divided along racial, economic, and gender


The hope and change he promised is a tragic joke.


There is a health care law that has been rammed down our
throats against our will.


Our allies have been denigrated and rebuked,


The Presidents philosophy  appears to be a form of National Socialism.
When he appoints Czars to work outside the framework of Advise and Consent, he
sends a strong signal that he is the Boss and will do what he wants.


In this framework of ego and control, the prospect of losing
an election is an anathema to the ruling party.


If the prospects for reelection continue to turn negative, I
fear that our system will be placed in jeopardy.


There are many things that a philosophically inspired leader
can do to change the course of a free election, especially when he feels that
he is doing them for our own good.


Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.


The progressives have plotted and planned for this President
and this power for many decades.


elections  were influenced  by terrorist attacks in their subway system 3
days before the election.


FDR was a war time president who could not be defeated.


The plotting of the Jews to take over Germany
gave Hitler a path to gaining power.


History is filled with examples of acts of “god” that
influenced the course of human affairs.




A Perception of Our Future, The Good * The Bad* the Very Ugly* View # 3, The Very Ugly, part 2

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

The 7th year of the reign of Emperor Obama, begins with the passage of the Declaration of  Social Equality Act.(D S E A)

The Tea Party Rebellion of 2013 had  been crushed by the Emperor’s Red and Purple Berret’s..  The fighting had lasted fpr almost 18 months, with the Rebels finally  being forced from most cities and towns.

On the East Coast, the rebels had taken refuge in various mountain communities stretching from North Georgia to Western Virginia.

 The repeated warnings by right wing media on radio and the internet had prepared many for thr necessity to develop survival skills.

Sadly most of these voices had been stilled, but the message survived and resonated .

Conditions in these mountain strongholds is comparatively primitive, but their motto” Freedom ,Equality, Responsibility” , was the rallying cry of Liberty loving Americans.

The Progressives had attempted to confiscate Gold and Guns from the general population , resulting in numerous acts of violence.

The battles in the streets of American had spawned violence and death on a scale not seen since the Civil War.

The Emperors Red & Purples had been trained in tactical house to house combat. The Green Tea militia was fragmented and hard pressed to defend themselves against the relentless encroachment on their liberty.

The families of freedom loving Americans packed their cars, hitched up their trailers, and sadly but resolutelu said good bye to their homes and headed for the safety of Tea Top refuges in the mountains.

Seeing the Beauty in Nature Helps Define the Soul of Man

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

 Ever since the day when our  first primitive Human ancestors stood up on two legs and surveyed  the world which would one day belong to His descendants,  Man has been struggling to control  his  environment.      

    Nature has ever been a source of conflict and danger.

    Competition with other animals for  food was the key to avoiding extinction.

    To eat and not be eaten, has always been a primary rule for survival.         

     Becoming a skilled hunter was important.  

     Developing the skills to avoid becoming the prey was a good idea. Life is much easier if you  live at the top of the food chain.        

     Humanity has learned to insulate itself from some of the ravages of nature.

     Animal skins, and other  types of clothing. helped Man to adapt to and survive more extremes of nature.          

     The Human Animal has always been inventive, utilizing the bounty of Nature to elevate Himself  above the other competing species that inhabit his world .

     Caves and trees as safe havens for shelter. 

     Bodies of water as  boundry’s and barriers for protection.

     Rivers as a means of transportation.   

     Sticks and rocks made effective weapons in the hands of an upright biped with a moveable  thumb     

     As human brain capacity evolved, humanity became the dominant species  on the Planet and was able to excert more and more control of  His environment.          

     The evolution of man’s soul and the emergence of his consciousness saw Man begin to develop an awareness of himself as an individual  entity, enabling him to relate to his peers as well as to the natural environment which was his home.

     Having evolved from nature, Man must learn to live in harmony with his world.

     Domination is a responsibility as well as a privilidge.

Health Care Reform, Here is what I would accept

Friday, August 14th, 2009

O .K .Mr & Ms slick politicians. You want  to change the health care rules.

No problem. I am opposed to government meddling in private sector free enterprise because I don’t thing you are even 25% as able as we are to handle business decisions.

But, if you insist. Here is the only way that I would accept your new rules.


Are you really ready for a solution that will turn out equitable for all Americans.

All right, here it is.

Put all politicians, civil servants, union employees & bosses, Congress, the Judges, the President, everyone and all their families into the same program that you want for us.. If what you want to do to health care is so great then let everyone share in the bounty and the benefits of the new system.

No exceptions.

No alternates.

What is good enough for me is good enough for all.

This must be written into law, and unchangeable for a minimum of 25 years. This way if end of life savings is a hidden agenda, it will affect you as well as me. Your families as well as mine.

Of course if you accept this plan we will have to exclude all illegal non citizens, otherwise we could never afford to take care of your health needs at a reasonable level. When they become legal naturalized citizens through existing immigration laws then of course all citizens will be covered.

What do you think oh mighty elite. If its good enough for the people I love, then it should easily be good enough for your loved ones, after all you are JUST public servants.

This plan will guarantee a fair and equitable reform of health care that will protect all the citizens of the United States.

Mess this up and you will be messing up your own family,  so be careful and do a righteous job ,

Ragnor the Hunter, Warrior Chief of the Michenga Nation, 9000BC

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Ragnor the Hunter was the warrior chief of the Eastern Michenga Clan.

He was on a hunting trip, and was accompanied by a dozen of his personal warrior elite. They were exploring some of the Hazy Granit Mountains which formed the North Eastern boundary of the Michenga lands.

In an unexplored region bordering on the Southern edge of the Great Forest, they found  lands rich in game and wildly dramatic terrain. The retreating glaciers had cut deep gorges and left many icy cold swift running rivers and deep pools.

It had been a successful trip. The litter was filled with pelts and meat, but Ragnor was worried and somewhat anxious to leave their base camp.

Just that morning one of his warriors had discovered a hidden path through the mountains. It appeared  to originate  in the Great Eastern wastlands  bordering the Great Forest.

The path appeared to hug the contour of  the retreating mountains, and was carefully hidden from  view of the Michenga scouts and lookouts.

There were signs of recent Mongol traffic. A raiding party had passed there maybe 3 days earlier. The party consisted of  40 warriors. They were following the path along the base of the mountains, and had taken care to cover their tracks.

Ragnor the Barbarian, Warrior Chief of the Michenga Nation,North America 9000BC

Saturday, July 11th, 2009
The Michenga Nation, began as a defensive alliance formed between 5 related family tribes
Their honored ancestors had emigrated to the area, gradually ,over the previous 2000 years.They were a nomadic people,constantly on the move, following the migrating herds of mastodon,giant bison, camels, and wild horses.

They were periodically being pushed from behind by their sworn enemies, the savage Mongol nomads. First across the vast Steppes of Asia, traversing the Bering Straights, then spreading throughout the Americas, the Mongol lust for blood and slaves kept the two peoples in a constant state of war.

The Michenga were a proud peaceful people, slow to anger but skilled fighters when aroused.The Mongols forced them to hone their warrior skills.

The final retreat of the glaciers had left the far northern tundra of North America bereft of much vegetation and game.Starvation and death pushed the herds of herbivores and subsequently the predators south.

The increasing encroachment on their lands from the North by the barbaric tribes of slant eyed wild men known as Mogol, had resulted in the death of many good warriors, and the theft of several fertile women.

As individual tribes, the Michengas were too scattered and weak. In unity there was strength.

The North American topogrophy of 11 thousand years ago was vastly different. The area that is now the North American Great Lakes region was a large inland sea, created by the invasion and subsuqently the retreat of the glaciers during the previous ice age.

The valley of the Michenga lay between the Majestic Sea and the low mountain range to the east. There were dense, game rich forests to the east,encroaching on the foothills of. the mountains. The valley extended southward turning into rolling plains of fertile dark soil inhabited by herds of wild buffalo, giant elk, and wooly mamoth.

The northern terrain was largely rocky with very little topsoil and sparse vegitation. The future lush forrests of the far north were still engaged in a struggle for survival with a retreating frozen environment. .

Ragnor the Hunter was the Warrior Chief of the Eastern, Mountain Michenga Clan..