By The Way..

Maybe I’m getting old, or out of the loop of pop culture, or something, but I gotta ask… Who is Heath Ledger? Until the other day, I had never heard his name before.

Now let me state unequivocally, I am an empath, and the thought , feeling, or reality, that someone died, is a tragedy in its own right, and I hope and pray that this Heath was a good soul, and that right now he is with the Boss and the Angels; however, aside from the fact that he was an actor(apparently), very rich,and  good looking,why  this incredible news coverage and microscopic examination in all the medias.

Peopel die every day. Each in his or her own context deserves to be remembered and missed, but why does this young man I never heard  of, get a heroes coverage, with such intensity.

28 is young, and death is tragic, but  time to turn the page.O D ing on drugs, accidental or intentional, should perhaps be a wakeup call  about the dangers inherent in abusing prescription drugs….

Let his death help at least one kid get straight…..G-d rest his soul.. 

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  8. Awesome stuff. How Did Heath Ledger die? Some people are saying he OD’ed but the news said he didn’t Overdose on drugs…And did someone do this to him or did he do it himself?

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