Recession! A blessing in disguise?

Well dear friends,

I find myself writing and postulating about Wall Street and economics, far more than was my initial intention.

For better or worse, I did spend almost a decade as an inside trader and market maker in the OTC market, and I got to know a bit about the way things work. The technology has changed all the rules, but the basic game is eternal.

The slowing down of a healthy economy after 6 or 7 years of growth, is a historic necessity.An economy can not continue to expand uninterrupted for ever.Excesses begin to develop, the longer the expansion lasts beyond a relatively limited period of years.

Economic bubblez tend to develop when too much expansion, generates excessive cash which chases new and riskier projects.See  .com bubble, real estate bubble, and numerous technology related, land related, Enron, Savings and  Loan related fiascos, et al.

So While I have been warning my friends to duck from the Stock Market, by no means do I advocate the end of the world, This is, I believe, a necessary and hopefully quick readjustment.

We are the most inventive, economically agressive people in the world , times 10 , . The only people who can beat Us is Us….That  scares the sh-t out of me…

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