The State of What Union

Lord knows, I’m no fan of President Bush. Sadly, there was a time when I thought he had a lot of potential and might have been a  bright hope, but that hope has been dashed in a sea of indecision, waffling, and half hearted initiatives.

His soft approach has left my Country, deeply divided, and seemingly rudderless, in a time of momentous events.if you believe in something, then do it, and do it right.That is what our country has always accepted in our leaders.

In this day and age of intense media scrutiny, electronic surveliance, and instant dissemination of any and all events, the President of the United States, has to develop a thick skin. Too many people know too much about too many things, and the micro examination of any event or action, leads to too much antagonism.

Almost any opinion or cause has a group of passionate advocates, and this type of exposure leads to too much half knowledge.The words , and stories are there for all to see, and for the ignorant or blindly passionate, to missunderstand. The internet as a source of all knowledge is the greatest blessing in history, and conversely the greatest potential for passion , conflict, and hatred.

Today , instant gratification is the defining emotion. We have all become big babies, with the internet being the teat of knowledge. Humanity is ready to stamp its feet and pitch a temper tantrum, while micro examining each and every nuance and punctuation.

In the 70’s, many people joined the various causes, for diverse motivations, from being genuine anti war advocates, to guys wanting to meet girls.  We were forced to join groups, and add our voices to a cause through personal contact.  Today the face to face is secondary, we have the internet.  people can be passionate in the privacy of their home, anger building and aimed at a computer screen , with the outlet for passion  more of a festering  effect, than a  true release.

The polarization resulting  from  this internalized passion, is ripping our Country into an antagonistic morass of bubbling resentment.

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