I need to vent

Life gets frustrating when events way beyond your control, entangle you in their web.

Like this morning; My alarm goes off at 5:45 AM, I putter around, shower, do my daily stuff, walk my puppy(She’s a Dingo, actually a North American version,a Carolina Dog),  bought my coffee and the paper, and was in my car by7:30.

I normally aim for 8AM arrival at work, so that I can wake up the computer, sip my coffee, check overnite messages, and have the building ready by the time my employees start arriving at 8:30.

I live on Long Beach Island, a long narrow shelter island , on the South Shore of Nassau County, New York. Living at the beach is great for a myriad of reasons, which we will enumerate at a later date, probably when the weather warms sufficiently to turn Mother Ocean into a giant play station and bikini magnet.

Anyway, one of the negatives about living on an island, besides the parking crunch during the Summer, is getting off the Island. Your choices are, a bridge(there are 3 of them, several miles apart) a boat, or swimming. thje last 2 won’t work in the cold Winter, especially when on your way to work.

This morning, the far eastern draw  bridge which I must use to connect to the highway system, apparently was frozen in the up position.

That is a problem, especially when the Police, and/or traffic people don’t warn you about the problem. So this morning I drove the length of Long Beach island, in increasingly heavier traffic, only to find the entrance to the Parkway blocked by 2 police cars, turning everyone around, but with no explanation of why.

Suddenly, the trip to work degenerated into one long ,bumper to bumper traffic jam. My 30 minute trip took 2 hours and thirty minutes. My office didn’t get opened until almost 9:30, and I mumbled nasty curses under by breath for most of the trip.

Not a pleasant way to start your morning.

Now I feel better . If someone had posted a warning about the frozen bridge detour, I would have traveled a different way, and avoided the agita(sp?) .

Thanks for listening. have a nice day.

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