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Eli Is Growing Up!!!!!

Monday, January 21st, 2008

Midway through the first quarter, and the beautiful thing continues its exciting march…Eli is growing up right before our eyes.He actually exudes confidence, and I believe that he will lead us to the promised land!!!>>>> A passionate, rooting interest  makes an event like the Super Bowl so much sweeter.

More later  Hopefully this story will have a happy ending. 

Later:…………Happy Ending indeed..WE’RE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL…..YOU SEE…  I told you there was a G-d,

Eli has grown up.  Here’s a payback to the Patriots,  a special request from my friend T.O. and a gift from me to him… New England ends their season 17-1  and Eli keeps us in contention for the next 15 years… am I a Prophet or what .

Tiger Tiger Burning Brite

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

It came out today in the news, those three idiots attacked by the tiger in San Francisco, were drinking, getting stoned, and climbed on top of a wall , taunting , yelling, and ostensibly begging for trouble.

Sadly a magnificent endangered beast was killed because of the stupid behavior.

We’re not a very smart race.

The Giants, Big Blue, because of the temperature.

Friday, January 18th, 2008

They are predicting 0*-10* farenheit in Green Bay at 6 P.M. on Sunday evening, with a brisk wind that could produce wind chill temperatures  as low as -15*.Yeowwww, That’s cold!!! At those type of temperatures,  the air in the ball is sluggish, and the ball feels harder, and is definitely denser/heavier.

Kicking the  ball has to feel like kicking a rock,and forget about throwing a pass, or how about catching an elongated ice ball…ouch.

I can’t believe as a long suffering New York sports nut,that there is actually something of a passionate nature to keep me riveted at this time of year.The Knicks suck and have for so long I’ve forgotten how much I loved them,The Nets are a puzzle,and I hope the imminent return of their young starting center will turn things around,but right now they suck too,

I’m a passing hocky dillatante,so those teams don’t count, BUT

Dear Giants, please be True Blue,and not  blue from the cold.

Wall Street Wail

Friday, January 18th, 2008

Wall Street is a disaster these days. Today the Dow crashed another 300 + points, leaving an unprecedented flood of Red ink,at the  beginning of a new year.  Sort of makes you wonder how the Market managed to maintain its equilibrium during December, right through New Years, then opened up the new year in such disarray.

The entire investing community woke January 2nd, went to their trading posts, and decided the economy went from cautiously optomistic to bottomless pit seemingly overnite.

As a small business owner(9-12 employees), I have noticed some very puzzling atypical patterns in the last few monts.

A year ago August(2006) I felt a definite slowing of enthusiasm for residential real estate construction , building, and cosmetic renovations aimed at  a quick  buy  and flip. (I’m an importer on the supply side of the industry). The day to day frenzy was fading. Although  longer range projects were moving forward, they did so on an ever shortening leash.  Projects were being approved but money was being witheld  by the lenders and released as late as possible. Thus placing an additional   burden  on the shoulders of the contractors and suppliers, who are put in  the position of   carrying  part of the burden of  financing of projects, or possibly loose the work.

The Museum of Natural History

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

My friend & I went to the Museum of Natural History in New York City,on Sunday.Its probably been the better part of 8 or 9 years since I’d been there.

I’ve always really loved the Museum. As a kid, it was a place to personify my dreams and fantasies. An endless parade  of vignettes , from cavemen to insects to dinosaurs and beyond…It was great…

It hasn’t changed…at all…. Oh they did have some neat travelling exhibits.  but the vast majority of the Museum is the same as it was  the last time I was there. In fact if memory serves me, some of these exhibits have been there unchanged since my first visit in the early 60’s.

I can’t confirm this, but I’ve heard rumors that many of the pre historic displays, are actual  live scenes, frozen in time by  natural disasater.  Some clever entrepenure  built a building around them, and called it a museum. Makes sense, I used to wonder how the various scenes were so lifelike.

The Giants save my winter sports season–who’d a thunk it?

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

As a somewhat dedicated lifelong sports fan, I have endured what feels like an unfairly , very, excessive amount of  false hopes, and dashed dreams.

To your average non sports nut, those words might sound somewhat dramatized, but my fellow sports enthusiasts know well what I mean.

Case in point, the Jets this season, a bummer.

The Mets …ruined your end of Summer, early Fall entire mood.

The Knicks are like an old long forgotten love. Every once in a while you think of her , and possibly for some unknown reason you feel a teer, or your heart flutters…Then you put the thought away…An old pain,

The Nets.. I was looking for Championship calliber, not 50% mediocre.Heart Break City. I can’t figure them out. Is  Naned really missed that much? By the way, …..Where is he?…Come back,  come back Naned,  you’re a possible savior to my pro basketball season…. You fellow  fans know what I mean.

BUT….BUT… Out of left field, or should I say the Left end zone..or perhaps Right end zone, depending upon your political leaning and/ or affiliation , anyway.  The Giants,  my beloved Giants, and the Winning Manning brother is Our Q B  Now and for the next ten years….Wow.. and a great game to boot. What fun.  This has turned into a Jo Willie type of fantasy football season.

So far great!!!!!

Dear G-d of Sport Nuts, suffering fans, degenerate gamblers, and hard working stressed  New Yorkers so well deserving of the diversion Blessedly supplied to a City/ area  by a winning team,whew, that was a mouthfull,   Please grant us  the Grace of your Majesty and take pity on Us hard working, regular people, who need a drop of joy, every once in a while, to make dealing with the rest taste better .Please.  Pretty please.  Give us a 3 week extension… Let us beat the Pack.. and on to The Big Game….The Super Bowl..  Please.  I’ll give up Chocolate for a week if you let them win,,,The Super Bowl with strong rooting interest would be the ultimate… Thank you…Amen

Mind over matter

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

Do you believe in mind over matter?  Have you ever accomplished something by the strength of your willing it to happen?

I have.  I guess I’ve been sort of doing it most of my life, without defining it or giving it a name.

Starting as a young kid,I  remember curing  my headaches by mentally squeezing the pain into a ball shape, then shrinking the ball smaller and smaller, until it would disappear into small.

I smoked upwards of 2 packs a day for 30+ years, and was able to quit cold turkey, at midnight New Years Eve 4 years ago 01/01/04 a 12:01 am. Put 1/2 a pack of Kool Milds, my  addiction at the time, into my desk drawer, and have not touched a tobacco product since….Honest…you can look it up….The 1/2 pack is still there, a badge of my willpower..

Would you like to know how to do the same with things in your life, that you would like to change?  The desire to change is the first step.

In your mind picture” desire” as a small spark of flame waiting to ignite…..Will tell you more at another time.

Just an observation,

Saturday, January 12th, 2008

It’s strange, but the last few times..4 or 5…that I’ve had the need to purchase aluminum foil( couple of time for business, for myself and once for a friend)  I was in one of those extended periods, where time for proper grocery shopping was extremely rare.

Of convenience and necessity I was forced to purchase the aluminum foil in several different local grocery and / or Quickie Mart type stores.

In my years as an enthusiastic and inventive  cook, I had been used to your conventional 12″ x 50 ‘ or 12″ x200’ rolls, which priced accordingly. But, as I started to tell you, the last few times I purchased, there were no 12″ rolls of aluminum foil. All the packages offered were 18″ x 24 1/2 ‘ or a total of  37 1/2 sf of foil, compared to the 50 sf or 200 sf of 12″ rolls.

So what happens is ,you get  12 1/2 sf less in the 18″ roll, and you use it much faster, because 18 ” is a practically useless width, so 5 or 6 inches off the end of each use gets trashed. You are purchasing a 12 ” necessary roll of foil, paying for 18″ ….maybe it’s my endless imagination… paranoia….Doubting Thomas…Doubting Charlie..

Or maybe they got a deal on wide boxes and made longer rolls to fit the boxes.Makes sense to me.

What do I know?

Conspiracy Theory,Go No

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

I had a strange thought….although some might say that many of my thoughts are strange……Last Week in Iowa, Senator Clinton suffered a loss of face…She came in 3rd in the Iowa Caucasus….Madam Hillary…lost …and rather badly…3rd place ….Not what the demanding candidate would find acceptable….

Now we are in New Hampshire…In the highly charged and powerful world of The Clintons…They have suffered an embarassing loss of face …

Think about this::::    The fiasco in Iowa , the result of Obama’s stacking the deck with the young and transient…was not as strong in New Hampshire…

Hillary was  still leading, although slipping a little to the Obama charm and youth magnet.,But still winning,but only slightly…Not enough to errase Iowa…Not enough to restore Senator Clinton’s  face…

But….what if the polls showed Her losing..Slipping badly…Iowa  was really a dramatic carryover…

All of a sudden Senator Clinton became a poor lost very helpless woman..Hillary the vulnerable,…She could cry…and love…and care… 

All it would take is a stacking of the deck.In this world of electronic sophistication and dirty tricks, influencing the results of an opinion poll would be a piece of cake..Especially with passionate subjects and unlimited funds…

A small 2% win, which would have been interpreted as a loss by a heavily favored Hillary ,became a trumpeted victory..

I don’t get it..How did that happen??????

Average stock -6%

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

The average stock is down 6% for the year , so far.  6%?… Yesterday was January 8th

The 5th trading day of the year, and already down so dramatically.

Housing and construction in general continues to slump. Unemployment is up to 5%, and surprise, surprise,  consumer confidence is down.

Throw in the price of oil, the credit fiasco, and the fact that the Fed will ostensibly  continue to lower interest rates, while the European central banking will probably be raising interest rates in Europe, and you have a formula for further falling dollar value against foreign currencies.