Just an Observation III

It’s interesting,on January 21,2008 I wrote my first  “Just an Observation” Blog.

It was about my ” neurotic” habit of washing lemons very carefully, and trying to avoid use of the peel at  all, if possible,

Last week, I noticed a feature article on the current events page, highliting the lemon peel,and the bacteria and other nasty stuff that ends up on the outside of a lemon,  including, I’m sure, poison,bug spray, etc.

Those sound like my words, hmmmm,for what ever it’s worth, I have a ton of that stuff. A whole life time of very intelligent, neurotic, nutty observations, that make sense..Consider the first one a gift. My Momma didn’t have any stupid kids, you can ask my sister

Anyone who knows me, has heard me mention the lemon peel thing for years & years

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