Are you kidding me?? Farakhan

I just read a quotation by the great social libertarian, and equalitarian, Louis Farakhan…

He was praising Barak Obama ” This young man(Senator Obama), is the hope of the entire world, that America will change and be made better. This young man is capturing audiences of Black ,Brown, Red,and Yellow…”

Excuse me.  I think I missed something. Mr Farakhan, didn’t you leave something out?  perhaps a color,  or does White no longer count as one of the races that inhabit, and indeed founded this great Country.

I include all races ( of good people) in the roll call of my country…What is your problem. If you want to practice exclusionism. do it someplace else.

If you are trying to help Senator Obama get elected, best to do it by keeping your comments to yourself.

If I was elected President I would include you…Generalizations breed antagonism and hatred.  Nice job

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