Wheat, the scarce staple

Wheat prices are rising on all levels of the economy. The cost of All types of agriculture is rising, with wheat now becoming the next scarce commodity chasing pricing. Saudi Arabia announced  this week, that they will no longer be an exporter of wheat, instead intending to import most of their needs. This coupled with harsh(see global warming nonsense) growing seasons, and the former Soviet republics now restricting wheat exports, not to mention the falling dollar, and we find products made from wheat are going up in price. This morning, an article in the New York papers lamented that the cost of a plain bagel has jumped from an average of .60 each last year, to an average cost ,retail, of 1.00 each, City wide. This is  directly affected by cost of wheat. Bread, the staple of life is now becoming dear in price, and heading higher. Combine this with the rising corn prices due to alternative fuel production and many of the above causes and we find problems for most Americans, except for the large farm combines(perhaps the next scandal) but most of those are probably owned my multinational corporations, controlled by our enemies…yikes… WAKE UP AMERICA

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