William F Buckley passed away?

Bt accident, I just heard that William F Buckley passed away today, Wednesday, 2/27/08.

Now He was not a big hero to me,  but I grew up respecting his opinions, reading his words as a balance  to the Liberal press in New York City.

I believe he was honest, and a true believer in his Conservative views, an antecedent to Ronald Regan..

I’m not really qualified to talk about him in depth, I knew him as a man of principles, and a patriotic American, but too Conservative for my taste in the decades of the 70’s, but today I admire his legacy, of respect for tradition.

What I don’t understand is, why there is hardly ant mention of his passing…There was a feature article about a sports announcer for the Pittsburgh Steelers passing away, but no mention of Buckley.

What kind of priority do we have in this society that doesn’t at least give both men a mention? 

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