Commodity prices,Oil & wheat

As a former Wall Street OTC trader & market maker, for most of my 20’s, I have watched the growth of Internet trading in commodities, with a large amount of skepticism, and a little bit of envy.

The trading of these commodities on exchanges like the Mercantile, with 24 hour access through the internet, has turned this type of trading into something akin to the Old Wild West, of gunslingers, loose or difficult regulation,and anything goes…. Sort of like being an OTC market maker in the days before , and at the beginning of Nasdaq

The potential for manipulation of prices, and the creation of artificial shortages and spikes up and down in pricing..makes me salivate. Apparently¬† I was born too soon,¬† If this technology had existed in the “Old” Days, Boy, would we have had fun…..Shhhhh…Don’t tell anyone, why get in trouble for stuff I didn’t do,(but might have, if the technology had been there)¬† we did enough “playing”, with the tools we had at the time..

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