Obama, Follow the money

I have learned during my lifetime, that the best way to understand an event, especially an illogical occurence, is to Follow The Money.

How was it paid for, who stands to make the  most wealth and  gain the most power.

Charity, and good deeds appears to be a phenomenon of past generations.

Passing off the hundreds of million dollars raised by the Obama campaign, as little people contributing $25 or $50 through the internet sounds great, but smells very much like cow pucks.

How many 50.00 contributions are necessary to add up to 100,000,000.00?

How many minority families, and young idealistic people have the spare $50 or $100?

Sounds like creative doublespeak to me. 

Look for my feature article on the subject in the next day or two.

Charlie Champion, a better candidate but much poorer !

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