Oil Up ^ Stocks Down v

My Dear Friends, I’ve been telling you and all my loyal readers, that the stock market was in trouble and going lower.

I’ve stopped preaching this particular view, not because my opinion has changed, (I’m very Bearish on the Market) but because being right about the direction of the Dow, is like shooting fish in a barrel.

You don’t need me to state the obvious. We are in trouble. Our economy is in a recession(I know, the politician economists are hedging their views, but they lie)

Anyone who works as an employee or in management, knows that the recession is here, has been for months, and isĀ getting worse.

I have an article ready to publish, which will show you the next economic tidal wave rushing towards us. It is a direct result of the sub prime fiasco, but feels like it will be worse.( Boy do I hope I’m wrong)

Look for my article.The Next Economic Tidal Wave. It will be published in a few days.

Thank you for your support.

Charlie ChampionĀ 

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