Don’t Read the Fine Print Stupid, Just Pass the Stimulus Bill

     Our leader keeps making the case for passing his stimulus bill in the most dire way possible.

      Don’t wait! The World is on the brink of Catastrophy. The sky is falling.

      The worst ” economic disaster since the Great Depression>”

      Don’t take the time to read this massive stimulation bill, the economy is in free fall over the side of the cliff.

      Pork Barrel? Entitlements? Nonsense. Our President told us before the election that he stood for a clear transparent government, for the first time in our history. We gotta believe him. He wouldn’t lie to us and break his promise.

       ” We can’t afford to wait” He said.” Trust me”  ”

      We can’t waste time postureing and bicker ing and resorting  to partisan positions.”

     The fact that this is 75% Pork maybe 10% stimulus, and possibly15% future stimulation( 2-3 years down the road) should not deter us from embracing this massive fraudulent bill.

    This bill is destined to become the largest redistribution of tax money in the history of the world.

     Federal tax dollars and newly printed $ hundreds of billions will go from the Treasury to the states in the form of bailout money.
The states will use this money to fund union pension plans, keep union workers and state employees working, and to fund certain infrastructure projects also with a heavily unionized labor force.

      No new wealth will be creeated.

      No reduction in State and local government.

      No reduction in bloated labor contracts.

      The same old game. The same old tired act.

      The only change will be several million municipal, state and local employees will be obligated to vote Democratic in order to keep their jobs.

      The Unions will be repayed for their Democratic party loyalty and monetary support.

      The private sector will continue to die a rapid death.

      Here come the shortages.

      Here continues a long drawn out recession, rapidly evolving into a Depression by passing an intentionally non stimulative stimulus plan.

      Nice job Obama.

      Way to go Congress.

     I can’t wait for the next elections. This is getting old after only 3-4 weeks.

      One again we are disappointed by leadership with an agenda at odds with the American publics best interests.

      Business as usual.

     The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

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