Senators Collins, Snowe, and Spectre thank you for lasting a whole 10 days

Republican U S Senators Collins, Snowe and Specter, you do us proud.

You managed to last a whole 10 days before giving up your ” Conservative” ideals.

President Obama has conned you, and you make it easy.

The Liberals have passed a massive ultra left wing spending entitlement bill under the guise of an economic stimulus package. The urgency of a crashing economy has been trumpeted with  hidden glee.

 All the promises made during Obama’s campaign will be fulfilled in one easy bill under the guise of helping the Country.

Now you three wonderful Senators have given the radical left the illusion of a partisan bill due to your defection.

When the doomed bill fails  to stimulate anything except more greed, as it is sure to do, Obama can say,” at least we tried, and we did it on a bipartisan basis. ”

Next year you can vote for more pork in the “Stimulus II”

The third year hopefully you will be voted out by real conservative candidates in you Republican Primaries, and these new Senators can vote against the Stimulus III pork.

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