The Press Conference that Wasn’t

Monday night, 2/9/09, President Obama held what was billed as his first press conference.

It never happened.

Instead I saw a series of softball questions and an opportunity for the President to make a series of 8-10 minute prepared mini speeches. Each carefully orchestrated, with content and inflection  and presented to the American People as impromptu thoughts.

If you like this President and agree with his policies, he is very impressive.

If you like this President, but oppose his policies, he is a VERY dangerous foe. He is well spoken knowledgeable, makes a good presentation, and according to some reports He can walk on water.

His grasp of the facts is very much tempered by his view of politics and history, and he presents just enough truth to capture the average intellect. It is only when you concentrate on the content instead of the innuendo, that his slant becomes obvious.

Yes, the last 8 years of economic policy ended in disaster. However, despite 9/11 and the dot com recession, we experienced a decade of economic prosperity.

Placing blame on the Republicans  is justified, but leaving out the Democratic attempts at social engineering, legislating that everyone regardless of financial liquidity, deserves to own a house, was the ultimate clog that blew up our financial system.

If you can’t afford it you shouldn’t be extended credit to buy it.

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