CIT Group You Must Have Contributed to the Wrong Party

In a 12 month whirlwind of corporate and  social extremism, we have witnessed  a cacophony echo of partisan changes and bailouts unprecedented in the history of the United States.

Insidiously, many of the moves have been motivated by an agenda of punishment and reward for political affiliations rather than for the good of our beautiful America as a nation and unified people.

At a watershed time in history, the near collapse of our economic system has seen bailouts in the $ hundreds of billions, to pay off the labor unions (see UAW, Teachers, et al) , the cronies at Wall Street Banking firms (namely Goldman Sacks) where most of our treasury and finance leaders have  apprenticed, and various insurance and banking entities.

The $Trillions that have been spent to prop up and stimulate appeared to be very focused towards  ideologically friendly companies.

Fannie and Freddie got into trouble by lending to subprime minority borrowers. The have been bailed.

The Car dealerships forced out of business while the Auto manufacturers were being nationalized, were predominantly Republican contributors.

The money has flowed and continues to flow as quickly as the printing presses can churn out the paper, but the recipients have been suspiciously partisan.

This is why it is so troubling that the Obama administration has taken such a tough stance directed towards CIT Group.

The White House has chosen this struggling lending Institution as the focus test “line in the sand”. Cutting off the lifeline offered to so many others.

This primary lender to small and medium sized businesses, is being left to fend for itself as it struggles to stay afloat, while the Administration has continued to catered to the banks that service major corporations and investors have been bailed out.

Letting them fail is a major blow to small businesses that depend upon CIT to fund their inventory and weekly payrolls.

The administration has also squashed a bipartisan effort to rescue come of the car dealerships set adrift by the GM and Chrysler bailouts. 

Partisan politics is understandable, but not at the expense of the innocent American public.

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