Small Businesses are not so small if the depression forces them to close

The small and medium business community has been largely ignored by Congress and the Obama administration.

Perhaps as individual entities, they don’t have the clout of an AIG or G M , or Chrysler, but as an aggregate, they are an extremely vital component of American economic health.

A large number of smaller, independent and usually well educated business entrepreneurs are difficult to control and are usually resistant to government intervention,

Hence, in this left wing socialist leaning environment, their eradication  through inaction is a political statement that has been largely ignored by public discussion.

The lack of stimulus funding is a deafening silence in the current “bail out” economy.

CIT Financial a funding company whose primary customers are smaller businesses, was allowed to fend for themselves when credit support became critical.

The misinformation and deliberate misinterpretation of statistics is an attempt to talk away the recession, or at least hold the terrible reality at bay until the Health Care, and Cap and Trade bills are passed.

The government appears to be more interested in an agenda, than in bringing real relief and helpful stimulus to the small businessman.

As a small business CEO, the reality is becoming more painful every day.The American economy and government pundits are pushing for quick passage of their agendas before the harsh reality of the Holiday season shows the depth of our problems.

From many discussions with my customers and my fellow CEO’s in various industries, this upcoming holiday season will be the worst in a very long time.

Gift giving and joy to children is part of the  American psyche, but this year has changed the spend and credit card mentality of the past 30 years.

Gifts will tend to be more practical and less ostentatious.

Employee bonus’s  will be modest if they exist at all.

Once the reality of our economic depression becomes apparent, the push to pass big new social engineering bills will become a  huge drag on the popularity of the Democratic party, and while Obama’s popularity and approval ratings continue to dive, the practical world of US politics will see Blue Dog Democrats strike a more moderate and fiscally conservative stance.

Sadly this will be a case of too little too late.

The damage to our economy has already been perpetrated, and our children and grandchildren will be paying the price for decades to come.

The life line of public bail outs is having  the effect of delaying the inevitable rather that curing the problem.

We need to finish our rebooting of the economy so new can begin to grow.

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