Global Warming, Save the Nuts

Al Gore has been preaching the mantra of Global Warming,for the better part of ten years.

He has joined forces with the Green Peace people, and the various ecological extremists in an attempt to sell a bag of hot air to a gullibly stupid world.

I have been attempting to reconcile the rash of unusually cold weather and extreme snow falls experienced during the past few years , with the claims of man made global warming.

How did this happen?

Is mankind really the cause of ozone disfunction?

B ad humans! Bad Bad Humans!!

How dare We cause a greenhouse effect and make the Globe get too warm.

Perhaps we should save some of the major record snowfalls that are devastating the Country and bring it back in the Summer to cool off the warm weather.

Now that is an idea that could solve two problems.

Save the snow from the winter records and use it to cool off the global warming. Turn the cold weather disaster into a positive money making entgerprise.

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