The G D P , Another Lie, and Another Lie ,and Another, Etc.

Yesterday, the Government announced that the U S GDP( Gross Domestic Product)  grew at an annualized rate of 1.7% for all of 2011.

Wow ! Really ! Whoopee !  So what does that mean to you and me?         

The reality is…Not much.

The implication of a growth rate as small as 1.7% is slow and mediocre at best.

The depressing thing about this number is the President and Co are trying any possible accounting trick to put a positive spin on the economy in an hotly contested election year.

If this barely measured positive growth is the best boost they can come up with, how bad is the reality.

Oh yes, ” We The People”  are living this moribound, opressive economy  and are suffering with  what this reality is doing to our optimisim, and to a sinking standard of living.

This is not our fathers economy or world of opportunity, Hell!!! This isn’t the economy or land of opportunity of only a few years ago.

We were all excited abou ” Hope and Change”

What happened?

Why is our  hope and our future so radically changed in only 3-4 years….


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